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Two lesbians torture and murder 2 year old boy

In Scotland today, two wicked homosexuals, Rachel Trelfa and Nyomi Fee were found guilty of torturing and murdering Trelfa’s two year old son Liam.

They were also found guilty of ill-treating two other 7 year old boys in their “care.”

The only punishment that fits their crime is death and they should be executed, but the UK (which includes Scotland) does not execute murderers and often doesn’t even sentence such to life imprisonment because even when the sentence is “life imprisonment,” life rarely means life. It usually means 10-15 years or less!

Little Liam should have been taken away from his mother when she declared that she was a lesbian and had a “girlfriend.”

He should have been placed with his father (if his father was honourable, kind and moral) or with a caring Christian married couple if he was not.

The other two boys should never have been placed with homosexuals.

Politically correct pro-gay social workers have a lot answer for in this case (and in many other similar cases, not all of which involved homosexuals, it has to be said.)





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Our protest outside Tyrone Constitution newspaper

We protested outside the office of the Tyrone Constitution in Omagh on Friday past because they published a picture of two lesbians in wedding dresses with both sets of parents after a pretend “wedding” in England (where sodomite couplings are legal.)

The newspaper published this abominable and shameful picture as if it were a normal and natural wedding. Shame on them!

We, by our protest and phone calls, made sure the newspaper knew there was opposition to what they had done.

A local MLA happened on the scene of our protest and we showed him the offending photo. He assured us he would contact the paper to communicate his concern about the matter.

W also contacted two Pastors in the Omagh area and informed them that the Tyrone Constitution were now sanitising sodomy. We cannot say what, if anything, those Pastors will do about this matter.


A question for the Tyrone Constitution – Where are the bridegrooms?

I saw a photo of the two women below in wedding attire and with their respective parents on page 38 of the Tyrone Constitution dated 26th May, 2016.

The wording that accompanied the photo reads as follows (ad verbatim)

“Pictured are proud parents, Daniel and Roberta Whyte from Omagh, and Carol and Phil White, from Southport, who recently celebrated the marriage of their daughters, Constance Whyte and Jennifer White. The reception was held in the West Tower Hotel, Ormskirk, Southport and the happy couple later honeymooned in Cyprus.” (end of quote)

I knew instantly that something was wrong because two bridegrooms were missing! I suspected that the women in the photo were lesbians and that they were “celebrating” that travesty of Biblical marriage known as a “gay” wedding .

I contacted the Tyrone Constitution and could not get an answer to the question I put to them, which was “Where are the bridegrooms?”

The Editor was unavailable yesterday, and this morning, he was not in his office but was expected back around 3.30pm or thereabouts. I was expecting a call from him as I was continually told (by his staff) that the inclusion of the offending photo in the paper was an editorial decision and that I needed to speak with him. Needless to say I am still awaiting his call.

I made enquiries elsewhere and not a few phone calls and eventually found proof that the two “brides” in the photo are lesbians and that the bridegrooms were not just missing from the photo, they were never there in the first place.

How strange! A wedding without bridegrooms!

The parents of these two confused and deluded women are blameworthy for confirming their daughters in their delusion (that two women can “marry”) and for going along with the madness and abnormality of the situation.

The Tyrone Constitution are blameworthy for publishing the photo of this wicked homosexual coupling and we hope that many people will share our outrage with this newspaper and, like us, will never buy the Tyrone Constitution again.

The photo and accompanying comment below is from the facebook  of the West Tower Hotel.

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Why did James White preach at charismatic Kensington Temple?

Dr. James White a Christian apologist from the USA was speaking in Coleraine, Northern Ireland last evening (16th May.)

He was invited to NI by an organisation called “It is written apologetics.”

Before his brief visit to NI he was in South Africa and then London.

On Sunday just past we learned that he was preaching at Kensington Temple in London at an afternoon service.

He had debated a Muslim at the same venue last Friday evening.

We were shocked to discover that Dr. White would enter that church for any reason much less preach for them!

Kensington Temple is an Elim Pentecostal Church and James White is a Reformed Baptist. It is worldly and liberal and doctrinally unsound. The present Pastor  is Colin Dye and he was/is associated with false teachers such as Benny Hinn, Morris Cerullo, Rodney Howard-Browne and Roberts Liardon.

We were deeply troubled by James White preaching in that place so we contacted (by e-mail) the organisation that invited him to Northern Ireland to share our concerns with them, but, to date, we have had no response to our (now two e-mails.)

We would ask Dr.White the following question,

Whatever happened to the Biblical doctrine of separation from error ?

Compromise in one area usually leads to compromise in other areas so we wonder, where will this all end?



Pastor Ken Miller sent to prison for assisting mother and child to flee lesbian terror

Mennonite Pastor Kenneth Miller has been sentenced to 27 months in prison in the USA for helping a Christian mother who was a lesbian before her Christian conversion, to flee America with her biological child after a Vermont Court ordered (in November 2009) that sole custody of the child be given to the mother’s former “girlfriend” lesbian Janet Jenkins.

Pastor Miller was convicted of “aiding in parental kidnapping” in 2012.

He lost his appeal in December 2015 and now a courageous Christian man is in prison for his faithfulness to God and his fellow Christians (mother and child Lisa and Isabella Miller.)

It is outrageous that a Judge would imprison a man for protecting a child. The Judge should instead have imprisoned that wicked child-molesting lesbian Janet Jenkins.

We salute Pastor Miller. May the Lord protect him in prison.

Insane campaign for biologically impossible “men who menstruate”

More LGBTQI…….madness.

Marxist students at three UK Universities are campaigning for sanitary towel bins in male toilets “for men who menstruate.”

Read that again and let the madness and horror sink in.

The Universities are,
University of Birmingham

By “men who menstruate” they mean women dressed as men.

The University authorities should ignore the insane demands of these sexual revolutionaries and discipline them for spreading confusion and madness on campus, but they probably won’t, because many of them are as far gone as their students and every bit as biologically ignorant as them.

The biology “Professors” at these miseducation centres, offering lessons in depravity should be sacked immediately if they support these Marxist students, because they know that it is biologically impossible for men to menstruate.

Watch the video below (which we posted in a previous post last year) to see the total inversion of reality (and normality) taking place in educational establishments today.