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Murderers Inc

Over one million Irish citizens (1,429,981 to be exact) voted to repeal the 8th Amendment of the Irish Constitution in the referendum held last Friday.

723,632 voted against. Donegal was the only county that voted “NO” to repealing the 8th Amendment.

Well done Donegal.

The 8th Amendment protected the life of mothers-to-be and their unborn babies.

The pro-abortion lobby do not want unborn babies to have any protection whatsoever and they have been fiendishly successful in their malevolent endeavour.

Now the promiscuous sex-mad sluts can whore around without having to face the consequences of their whoredom i.e unwanted pregnancies.

Sexual revolutionaries have always demanded abortion “rights” to enable them to live lives of sexual anarchy and now there will be even more sexual debauchery in the Irish Republic now they have abortion on demand for any reason up to 12 weeks and beyond because they can always feign “mental illness” and threaten suicide if they are more than 12 weeks pregnant and want to kill the baby.

These women are not victims. The unborn baby is their victim.

There are no crisis pregnancies. Most women seeking abortion are promiscuous sex-mad sluts and most abortions are carried out for “social” reasons i.e to cover up adultery or because a baby will interfere with a career or a holiday etc.

Abolish human abortion!

Abortions should not be offered in cases of foetal abnormality or in cases of rape or incest either.

In the case of foetal abnormality, support and compassion must be offered but the child must not be sentenced to death, likewise in the case of sexual crimes, the child must not be punished. Hunt down and punish the wicked perpetrators of such crimes instead.

The link below shows the reaction of the pro-abortion lobby to the news that they could now legally murder their unborn children.

It is like a scene from the caverns of the damned. They shriek like the hounds of hell.

Oh how I hate these wicked people and God hates them too.

I look forward to the day when they fall into the hands of the living God and get what they deserve i.e hell.

PS  It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that the vote was rigged in favour of the “repeal” lobby.


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Royal wedding – “a rousing celebration of blackness” (and the darkness of this world)

In the opinion of the left-wing Guardian newspaper journalist Afua Hirsch, the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle was a “rousing celebration of blackness.” (see link below)

Well now that depends on one’s understanding of the word “blackness.”

The Guardian writer was obviously referring to skin colour only but the spectacle on Saturday was a “celebration of blackness” in other ways that have nothing to do with skin colour.

Substituting the word “darkness” for “blackness”, let us consider some of the other ways the Royal wedding was a “celebration of darkness.”

The groom was dubbed “Dirty Harry” in times past because of his immoral behaviour.

The bride is a divorcee with a living ex-husband and does not appear to have had grounds for divorce.

She is a feminist and will probably use her position to further feminist causes.

The bride and groom lived together for months before their marriage (as did the groom’s brother and sister-in-law the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.)

The bride and groom have promised to campaign for “gay” rights (Prince William is also pro-“gay”)

The guests at the wedding included the sodomite Elton John and his boyfriend and various other godless worldlings such as the Beckhams.

One of the speakers at the service was an American “Minister” called Michael Curry who uttered liberation theology nonsense and majored on a “god” of his own imagination who is love, love, love and nothing but love. notwithstanding the fact that the God of the Bible is a God of wrath as well as love and that He hates, yes HATES, sin and unrepentant sinners.

That wedding ceremony certainly was a “celebration of blackness”  and the “darkness of this world,” wouldn’t you agree, Bible-believing Christian out there?

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Public lecture in Limerick on “The Bible and Abortion”

Limerick Reformed Fellowship are having a public lecture this Saturday evening (19th May) at 7.30pm on the subject “The Bible and Abortion.”

The speaker is the Minister of the fellowship Rev. Martyn McGeown.

He was interviewed on a Christian radio station this week and the interview can be heard at the link below (commences at approx half way through programme)

For directions to venue see link below,

The lecture has been arranged ahead of the referendum on the 8th Amendment of the Irish Republic’s Constitution which recognises the equal right to life of mother and unborn child.

The referendum takes place on 25th May.

The pro-abortion lobby want to remove the protection afforded to the unborn child by the 8th Amendment i.e they want abortion legalised.

We hope that the citizens of the Irish Republic will say “NO” to repealing the 8th and thereby protect their future unborn children.

We hope the lecture at Limerick Reformed Fellowship will be well attended. We live in Northern Ireland so unfortunately cannot attend.

Today the reverend has something to say about adulterer David Simpson

Rev Ivan Foster finally has something to say about adulterer David Simpson (see link below) but his condemnation is not strong enough and the “discipline” meted out to Simpson does not appear to include “putting away from among yourselves that wicked person.”

Could it be that our post about David Simpson, written last night, in which we remarked upon Mr.Foster’s failure to rebuke him and call for him to be disciplined by the Free Presbyterian church moved him to say something about Simpson’s sordid saga?

Curiouser and curiouser!

When will the Free Presbyterian church of Ulster put adulterers away?

Last week it was reported that politician David Simpson of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) was accused of adultery by his wife and asked to leave the family home.

David Simpson is a member of the Free Presbyterian church of Ulster.

This is not the first time that a Free Presbyterian/DUP politician has committed adultery.

Pamela Lewis/Cameron committed adultery in 2011 and left her husband for another man.

Adultery is treason against spouse and family and is a heinous sin. In the Old Testament era it was also a crime and was punishable by death.

I am not advocating the death penalty for adultery. I am saying that it should be illegal and adulterers should go to prison.

Evangelical churches should warn their congregations about the heinous nature of this sin, and any professing Christian who betrays spouse and family and church family in this despicable manner should be put out of the Church in disgrace.

There are some sins that shouldn’t even be mentioned among saints let alone engaged in, and adultery is one of them.

Most churches deal with the adulterers in their midst by offering counsel to such marital traitors. They are not punished in any way.


The Apostle Paul rebuked the Church in Corinth for their failure to deal with the wicked immoral sinner in their midst.

He commanded them to “put away from among yourselves that wicked person.”

What will the Free Presbyterian church of Ulster do with adulterer David Simpson?

Probably nothing!

What action will be taken against the wicked adulteress, his co-accused?

Probably nothing!

The retired Free Presbyterian minister Ivan Foster in his Burning Bush newsletter, gave a link to the Belfast Telegraph article about David Simpson’s immoral behaviour.

That is all.

No condemnation, no rebuke for his fellow Free Presbyterian David Simpson.

Here is a quote from American Pastor Mike Miller on the subject of adultery (and this is what Ivan Foster should have said,)

“Adultery – this is where the scale tips in the matter of sin. Covetousness, lying and stealing can be repented of and restitution can be made, but adultery and murder are acts that bring everlasting consequences even if forgiveness is obtained. There is more collateral damage from the sin of adultery than the sin of murder. It is a most heinous sin and the first that God commanded the death penalty for.” (Pastor Miller’s sermon called “Adultery – the Scarlet Sin” can be heard via sermon audio and we have it in a post on our blog.

David Simpson’s son has also be enmeshed in scandal (see below) yet some time after the scandal surrounding his son broke, Mr.Simpson said he and his wife were very proud of their international family (their three children were adopted from abroad.)

Compulsory mobile phones?? God forbid!

In an article written by Neil Rose and posted yesterday on a website called Legal Futures, the writer quotes from a lecture given to the Law Society by Sir Geoffrey Vos, Chancellor of the High Court in London.

The Judge had some alarming things to say about mobile phones and surveillance.

Alarming to us that is, not to him!

Here are some quotes from Judge Vos,

“If the legislators were, for example, to require citizens to carry phones at all time……”

“Everyone’s conduct will be traceable through their devices.”

“Once greater surveillance becomes the norm….” (quotes end)

My husband and I do not have mobile phones and we don’t want them. We shudder to think that we could be forced to have one. We see how ubiquitous mobile phones are today and how obsessed and addicted many are to them (including many Christians.)

We would resist such a law.

We know there is a need for some surveillance such as CCTV in public places and security cameras outside people’s homes etc and we view these as useful and necessary tools both to deter and protect.

However we do not need or want a mobile phone.

We did have two or three plain and simple mobile phones in the early 2000’s (the kind that enabled one to make calls and receive calls or texts and had no internet connection.)

They have not been used for years and are presently gathering dust in the kitchen!

We can’t help but feel that these modern devices (mobile phones, tablets etc) are preparing the way for a one world government and the unveiling of the antichrist.

“Big brother is watching you” may not be fiction after all.

Does this describe Northern Ireland’s Pastors?

Most of the Pastors/Ministers of Evangelical churches in Northern Ireland are either silent on the moral evils of our day or they only condemn these evils within the walls of their churches, or they DO address such matters publicly but in a non-judgemental, PC, “reasonable-sounding” overly compassionate manner which makes them appear weak and cowardly.

Memo to Pastors,

If the cap fits, wear it. If not, prove it by speaking out.