Confronted by pro-gay man who hopes I “rot in hell”

On Friday of this past week, my daughter and I were in Omagh, County Tyrone, which is a large town approx. 15 miles from our home. Whilst there, we had tea and scones in a pleasant café. The establishment is near the spot where a terrorist bomb exploded in 1998, a bomb left in a car by Irish Republican terrorists. 31 people died, including unborn twins.

As we emerged from the building in which the café is located (there is another shop and an office located there too) a young man, who was standing near the entrance to the building, came towards us and told me in no uncertain terms that he disagreed with the views I articulated during the recent election. We were startled because it appeared that he was waiting for us to emerge from the building. He bore a striking resemblance to a young man I saw when we entered the café and I now believe that the man in question was in the café, recognised me, watched us, and when we got up to leave, he exited before us and waited his moment.

I asked him who he was and also what right did he have to confront us when we had simply enjoyed a cup of tea in a cafe and had not offended anyone in any way. I think he made some comment to the effect that he was glad I didn’t get many votes in the election. I told him he has a right to his views but that he should keep himself to himself and leave us alone.

However the situation became more alarming when I made it clear to him that I stood over everything I said (during the election) and I emphasized my point by repeating the word “everything.”

My daughter and I had already begun to walk away when he said (loudly) that he wouldn’t expect me to change my mind because of my “mental” condition or words to that effect, by which I suppose he means that, in his opinion, I’m not sane.

He provoked my (righteous) anger and I responded with, “homosexuality is a sin.”

He replied with, “Your views are an abomination” (or words to that effect.)

I responded with, “gay marriage is an abomination.”

His response, “Rot in hell.”

People in the immediate vicinity heard the heated exchange and one man told me that he agreed with me but added that he did not think that I should confront such people. He was surprised to learn that we did not confront him but it was a case of him confronting us.

My daughter and I were shaken by this incident and it made me realise how vulnerable I am and that if that fellow had wished to harm me physically, I would have been completely defenceless.

The day when those of us who oppose the LGBT lobby will be subject to physical attack may not be far away.


4 thoughts on “Confronted by pro-gay man who hopes I “rot in hell”

  1. Susan, a couple of observations:

    Sitting in a cafe having tea and scones….. is this what counts as home schooling these days?

    Perhaps having experienced this frightening experience, you might reflect on how vulnerable LGBT people feel when you and your ilk turn up uninvited outside support services and harass them as they enter…. you reap what you sow Susan…..

    • Before I reply to your comment on my most recent post, I wish to refer to your previous comment in which you mention the teachings of the Pearls (Michael and Debi) and that the deaths of three children may be linked to their teachings in some way i.e the parents of the children may have read the Pearls’ book and that their subsequent behaviour was the logical conclusion of those teachings in practice.
      I have not read the Pearls’ book but I have read about the cases you mentioned and they are heartbreaking. However, the Pearls reject the charge that they were advocating such brutality in their book. The parents of the deceased children, Sean Paddock, Lydia Schatz and Hana Williams are responsible for their deaths (and no-one else) and they are presently incarcerated for their terrible crimes and deservedly so. They were sadistic and cruel and those poor children suffered terribly at their hands.
      Whilst the Pearls do seem far too harsh and extreme in their views on child discipline, children still need to be trained and disciplined and we believe that parents do have the right to administer said discipline which includes smacking when necessary. However no parent has the right to behave in a cruel tyrannical manner towards their children.

      Regarding your comment on my most recent post, I presume you are referring to my lone protest against a LGBT recruiting event in Omagh in June. If anyone was harassed on that occasion, it was me, because six or seven of them attempted to follow me across the street to menace and intimidate me. There is a time and a place to confront that which is evil and a LGBT recruiting event is one of those (times and places) and a gay pride parade is another. These are events when the homosexual lobby flaunt their sin and try to force acceptance of it on society. It is right for Christians to publicly oppose such degrading spectacles.
      I would not confront homosexuals if they were in a café having tea etc nor would I wait for them outside to lambast them. However, if two homosexuals were kissing in a café or on the street, I would say something to them because they are flaunting their sin and demanding that I put up with it. I would also speak to a heterosexual couple if they were kissing in a café because it is not proper for them to behave in that way. Some years ago, there was a disgusting heterosexual couple misbehaving in a hospital waiting area and I firmly and sharply told them to stop their wicked behaviour or I would report them to hospital authorities.
      In your comment Rob, you quote Scripture about reaping what we sow. That is true, we all reap what we sow, and what do you think the homosexual will reap? By quoting Scripture, you obviously believe some verses are true. What about the verses that condemn homosexuality Rob?

  2. Also Susan, my granny had a saying “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”

    Perhaps you should take your own advice…. “I told him he has a right to his views but that he should keep himself to himself and leave us alone.”

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