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Brigham Young’s revealing “sermon” after Mountain Meadows massacre!

Further to our post on the 1857 Mountain Meadows massacre, here is a link that sheds disturbing, revealing light on Mormon leader Brigham Young’s attitude to the victims following the massacre, which was perpetrated by Mormons and Indians,

The second link provides chilling information about the Mormon doctrine of blood atonement which was practiced before and after the massacre and may have been the Mormons motivation for the attack.

The final link reveals that Brigham Young was of the opinion that among his people were the “greatest and smoothest liars in the world!”

This calls into question his denial of blame for the massacre, and of involvement in the cover-up the Mormon Church engaged in following the massacre, now doesn’t it?

Mountain Meadows Massacre – the 9/11 the Mormons would rather forget!

On the 11th September, 1857, Mormons and Indians murdered 120 men, women and children at Mountain Meadows in Utah.

The killers allowed 17 very young children to live.

Who ordered the massacre?

Did Brigham Young, the so-called “Prophet” and President of the Mormon Church at the time of the massacre, know about it, did he order it or, if not, did he engage in the cover-up afterwards?

Click on the following links to find out more and draw your own conclusions about this horrific massacre perpetrated by Mormons and their Indian allies.

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What do you have in mind, Sandra?

We received the following comment this evening. It was a response to our latest post.

The comment is from someone called “Sandra” and reads as follows,

“Meet me outside the Marie Stopes clinic this Friday at 2pm and I will sort you out once and for all Mrs.White. Let’s see how good God is at protecting people like you eh?” (comment ends)

“Take it up with Almighty God, Mr.Crawley”!

BBC Northern Ireland’s weekly radio programme “Talkback” today gave Mrs.White a (now) rare opportunity to speak on air, via telephone during a debate on the sentencing of pro-life campaigner Mrs.Bernadette Smyth of Precious Life for “harassing” the intimidating Dawn Purvis of the infamous abortion clinic Marie Stopes in Belfast.

The host of the “Talkback” radio programme is William Crawley, and, during my contribution to the debate, I stated that I have publicly opposed the Marie Stopes clinic by displaying a Bible sign which reminds those who perform (or have) abortions that God hates “hands that shed innocent blood.”

Mr.Crawley then stated that I was telling people going into the abortion clinic that God hates them, to which I responded with “draw your own conclusions, Mr.Crawley, who then stated “that is the conclusion” i.e God hates them.

As Mr.Crawley had difficulty accepting his own conclusions about the Bible verse, I responded with these words, “Take it up with Almighty God.”

To hear the debate, click on

The discussion begins at 45 minutes 13 seconds; my contribution begins at 1 hour 11 minutes 14 seconds.

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NIHRC and the shadowy figure of Kellie Turtle

The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission are to legally challenge the existing abortion legislation in Northern Ireland, they threatened, oops, announced, this week.
They believe that the present law, as it stands,  is “a violation of human rights.”

What about the unborn baby’s right to life, Mr Allamby? (He is the Chief Commissioner of the aforementioned NIHRC.)

Abortion is a gross violation of his or her human rights, is it not, Mr. Chief Commissar, oops, Commissioner?

Hidden in the shadows of the NIHRC is a sinister figure, one Kellie Turtle, she of Belfast Feminist Network and the homosexual Rainbow Project infamy.

She is also fanatically pro-abortion and is a co-conspirator with other well-known pro-aborts, such as Fiona Bloomer, Kellie O’ Dowd, Emma Campbell, Mark Benson and Grainne Teggart, the latter works with pro-abortion organisation Amnesty International, and the aforementioned (and others) are conspiring to force abortion on demand on Northern Ireland.

Now, the fact that Kellie Turtle is an “Education worker” with the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission does not necessarily mean that she is influencing or suggesting their policy and actions, does it?!!!!!

Medical upstarts deem pro-lifer’s “disruptive” and deny admittance to meeting!

On Tuesday of this week (2nd December,) we travelled approximately 90 miles to protest against a pro-abortion “public” meeting held at the Medical Biology Centre which is part of Queen’s University Belfast, albeit some distance from it.

The event, entitled, “Why Women Die,” was organised by Medical Students For Choice QUB and the speakers were, Prof. Jim Dornan, Grainne Teggart, Dr. Fiona Bloomer and Mark Benson.

It was our intention to stand outside the venue displaying Bible signs with verses warning all and sundry that God hates “hands that shed innocent blood.” We also offered Gospel tracts to some entering the venue.

However, all too soon, we were approached by a security man from Queen’s University who informed us that we could not protest outside the venue and that we would have to move off the grounds and continue our protest on the footpath some distance away (where few, if any, attendees would see us.)

Having travelled so far to oppose the pro-abortion lobby, we were not happy with his demand, so we informed him of our intention to attend the meeting, which, we informed him, was ” open to all students and non-students irrespective of their stance on any of the issues,” and, as a Q & A session was to follow the panellist’s speeches, we believed we would have an opportunity to defend the right to life of the unborn child.

We stated that we wished to speak to someone associated with the event (such as one of the panel speakers) and communicate to them our desire to attend.

A young woman, accompanied by a young man, met with us and told us in no uncertain terms that they did not want us to attend their meeting. We reminded them that it was a public meeting and, although they agreed that this was so,  they felt we would be “disruptive,” and especially so when I was asked about the question I might ask if permitted to attend, which question centred on the right to life of the unborn child.

Those two young upstarts deemed us “personas non gratas” thereby denying us freedom of movement and freedom of speech. The North Korean regime would be proud of them!

It appears that the only people prevented from attending the meeting were those with pro-life views, as the comment below, from a member of the public who WAS permitted to attend, and which she posted afterwards, on the Medical Students for Choice Facebook, clearly shows,

“Excellent event. Very well organised. The speakers were very informative and interesting. As a member of the public who is concerned with these issues it was a pleasure to attend……….Carol Smyth

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