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Camp Far-Gone, where boys will be girls!

Recently, in the USA, a camp with a difference was held. It was a boy’s camp with a sinister goal, to redefine gender.

So much for the old saying, “boys will be boys,” because at Camp Far-gone. boys can, and will be “girls.”

Our reaction to this madness?  Allow John Milton to speak for us,  “Thus repuls’d, our final hope is flat despair.”

Click on the following link to read the story and see photos of the bizarre, the abnormal, and the unspeakably tragic.

Surely these parents and Camp leaders are guilty of the psychological abuse of impressionable children.

Hifalutin social Gospeller “Rev Dr” Gary Mason’s startling confession!

On yesterday’s BBC Northern Ireland radio programme, “Sunday Sequence,” the Rev. Dr. Gary Mason made a startling confession. He declared himself to be a “recovering sectarian bigot,” in much the same way as someone with a “drink problem,” might say, “I’m a recovering alcoholic.”

Gary Mason is a Methodist Minister at the East Belfast Mission. We have reason to believe that he was formerly a Baptist Pastor. He is a social Gospeller par excellence and is a vociferous devotee and promoter of the “Peace Process” aka, the “Appeasement Process.” so, naturally, he is very popular, and is sought out for interviews by the media and by politicians as he is “useful” for giving “credibility” to the machinations of the iniquitous “peace process,” which is nothing other than the rewarding of evil terrorists (loyalist and republican,) and the State-sanctioned denial of justice to their victims.

He describes himself as a “recovering sectarian bigot,” and, in so doing, he is accepting some blame for the terrorist campaign in Northern Ireland, which was not waged by Mr.Mason but by republican and loyalist murderers.

Mr.Mason appears to want the law-abiding (and long-suffering) citizens of Northern Ireland to hold up their hands in a show of collective guilt, and cry out “Mea Culpa,” thereby distracting attention away from the guilty men and women who brought murder and mayhem to Northern Ireland (and further afield.)

In this scenario, those nasty terrorists are not so nasty after all, because, in Mr.Mason’s eyes, it appears that we are all guilty.

Mr. Mason does reveal bigotry in his attitude, but it is not sectarian bigotry, it is bigotry AGAINST the truth about the reign of terror that was/is the “Troubles” in Northern Ireland.


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IRA and Fatah – Brothers in Arms with a penchant for “honouring” their dead comrades

Fatah is the name of a Palestinian political party and the largest faction of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO.)
Click on the following links to see their penchant for honouring their terrorist dead.

The Provisional IRA share Fatah’s penchant for honouring their deceased fellow terrorists. On August 11th , this year, an IRA commemoration called Tyrone Volunteers Day, is due to be held in the County Tyrone town of Castlederg.
Sinn Fein, the political party inextricably linked to the IRA, plan to commemorate two IRA members who were killed while transporting a bomb, in 1975.
Whilst the two terrorists were actually killed across the border in the Irish Republic, the parade to commemorate their dastardly deed, is due to pass the location of PIRA murders in Castlederg.

Sinn Fein’s Gerry Kelly, who can list “former” terrorist in the “previous jobs” section of his CV, is to give the main address.

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New Zealand Parliament building damaged in an “Act of God”

An earthquake, measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale, struck New Zealand yesterday. Click on the following link to read more.

In April this year, the New Zealand Parliament legalised homosexual “marriage.” The “gay” lobby were jubilant and triumphant.

That same Parliament building was one of the buildings damaged in yesterday’s earthquake.

Mercifully, no-one was killed, although a number of people were injured, and we hope that none sustained serious, life-threatening injuries.

Homosexual “marriage” will become legal on 19th August this year.

To those who await that day with eager anticipation, the Bible says,  “Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.” Proverbs ch.27 v. 1.




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