“Migrant” rescued from Mediterranean is suspect in Italian double murder

Mamadou Kamara an 18 year old from West Africa was rescued from the Mediterranean in June and is now the suspect in a horrific double murder in Sicily.

He was staying at Mineo reception centre for migrants, not far from the home of the elderly couple who he allegedly murdered.

Italy has taken in more than 110,000 “migrants” this year alone!

Amnesty International are having a “Refugees Welcome” rally in Belfast soon. Note their use of the word “refugee” rather than “migrant” or “asylum seeker” because they want to lull the public into a false sense of security and the word “refugee” makes one think of someone fleeing from danger rather than someone to flee from!

Will Patrick Corrigan and Grainne Teggart fling open the doors of their homes to some “refugees” at their rally? Let them “lead from the front” (a trendy term favoured by the PC elite) and do so because, after all, that is what they want you to do.

Northern Ireland is a dangerous place as it is, with the IRA and UVF etc obviously still armed to the teeth so we don’t need to increase the danger we law-abiding citizens face by welcoming in “refugees” among whom could be lurking another Mamouda Kamara (or a host of them!)

Read about his arrest and alleged crime at the following link, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/italy/11834743/Murder-of-elderly-couple-in-Sicily-fuels-Italys-growing-anti-immigrant-sentiment.html


4 thoughts on ““Migrant” rescued from Mediterranean is suspect in Italian double murder

  1. I don’t expect you to reply to this because when you are legitimately challenged you tend not to approve the post or reply.

    One man committed murder… Why should the other families desperately in need of our help be punished. It makes me wonder about your Christians morals. It appears you use the term Christianity to be at war with the world. The bible teaches love and compassion. Where is your love and compassion for these people.

    • The “migrant” in question is a suspect in the murder case, and we described him as such, yet in your comment you say, “One man committed murder.” Please do not misrepresent what we said.

      There are genuine cases fleeing from Syria, Iraq etc and they are deserving of help and compassion. However there must be a near-foolproof way found of ascertaining who is genuine and who is not. In Calais and other places, so-called “migrants” were threatening lorry drivers and rioting. However, even in the case of genuine asylum-seekers, no country can take them all. Charity begins at home and a government’s first priority should be to ensure the safety and welfare of its own citizens.
      Multiculturalism and an open border policy and mass uncontrolled emigration has brought murder and mayhem to USA (think Mexican drug cartels and other illegal aliens entering the USA from Mexico) and think of the rape jihad in Sweden and Norway (mostly perpetrated by Muslim immigrants) and think of the horrors of Rochdale and so many other places in England where “Asian” men i.e Muslims preyed on and gang raped numerous English girls. In the recent past, other nationalities who have settled in the UK and Irish Republic have featured highly in the crime statistics such as Poles, Romanians and Lithuanians etc so multiculturalism and uncontrolled emigration is not good for any country.

    • Mr. Wolsey does not claim to be a Christian, as far as I am aware, so he is not offering “refugees” hospitality to show how “Christian” he is.

      I have compassion on genuine asylum seekers but we need to find a near foolproof way to differentiate between the truly needy and the economic migrants and others, some of whom could be terrorists and/or rapists.

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