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Feminazi’s can threaten and Police do nothing!

Following a visit to a Police station yesterday to report a virtual death threat from pro-abortion feminists, I was informed that the Police can do nothing, absolutely nothing! The feminists concerned used obscene, pornographic words, in addition to informing me that they would like to harm me (or worse)  AND  that one of them will be looking for me on 6th October (the day of their pro-abortion rally AND our Christian witness against it) but the police can do nothing!
We understood that there are laws against “hate speech” but obviously they don’t apply to offended Christians. We wonder what the Police response would have been if a homosexual had gone to them complaining about our blog, describing it as “homophobic.” Would the Police have responded with “there is nothing we can do?”

Should a lawyer or Police officer read this post, could they advise us further.

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The Jeffrey and Dennis Show featuring the TALIBAN!

Two Northern Ireland politicians, one Unionist and one Nationalist, recently travelled to Kabul in Afghanistan, as part of a UK-led initiative to advise the Afghan government on “peace talks.” The British government arranged and funded the visit. Messrs Haughey and Donaldson are involved in a newly-formed NGO called the Causeway Institute for Peace Building and Conflict Resolution. Yet another highfalutin appeasement quango!

The aim of this visit to Afghanistan on the part of Messrs Donaldson and Haughey is that, in sharing experiences of the Northern Ireland ” peace process”, the Taliban can be persuaded that a political solution is possible. We are to believe, of course, that the Taliban can be reasoned with and that they are desirous of peace and they simply need a “nudge” in the right direction to bring them in from the cold and seat them at a table for “peace talks.”

The much vaunted Northern Ireland “peace process” was nothing less than a surrender to terrorism and we can see why the Taliban might be interested in hearing what the two NI politicians have to say. Let us reflect for a moment on the activities of the Taliban and then we’ll have a better idea of the people who might end up as Government ministers in Afghanistan.

Since the invasion in 2001 and, as of 25th September, 2012, there have been 3,015 Coalition deaths, including 433 British soldiers (390 of this number were killed as a result of hostile action.)

In August this year, the Taliban murdered 17 people (including two women) at a wedding party, and after those brutal murders, they kidnapped and later beheaded a 12 year old boy.

In a separate incident, a 6 year old girl was beheaded. Police are not sure who killed her, it may have been her family or the Taliban, as they control the area where she was beheaded.

So the Taliban are interested in peace?!!!!


A Feminist’s opinion of a tragic farming accident.

We have just moderated a comment on our post   “Greater love hath no man than this….” (posted September 19)

The comment is evil and despicable, but we believe our reader’s must see the depraved, twisted nature of this woman’s mind.

Update on ” A Rally to legalise murder.”

The location for the feminist pro-abortion rally in Belfast has been changed to the Belfast City Hall at 3.30pm. The date remains the same,  6th October, 2012.

Evangelical Christians, do not neglect your duty to protect the unborn child, don’t turn a deaf ear to this call for action. Join the small group of Bible-believing Christians who will stand against those who disregard the commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.”

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Sunderland police tear Biblical Marriage definition asunder!

On Sunday past, Sunderland  (England ) Pride parade took place and the parade route was awash with balloons and rainbow flags, large and small. Some of the very accommodating Police officers on duty carried several small rainbow flags and happily waved them!  Now, pause for a moment or two and reflect on that terrifying scene (and the word “terrifying” is used deliberately) because the gay agenda is terrifying to those with eyes to see and a measure of wisdom in discerning the signs of the times.

How would the tolerant, “gay friendly” police view those opposed to the homosexual lifestyle? Will they protect such from abuse (physical or verbal) as they stand between the persecuted (those opposed) and the persecutors (the gays) with rainbow flags in their hands and fixed smiles on faces that can no longer blush or hang in shame?

Would the Police march in anti-abortion protests, would they wave flags in support of Israel, would they carry Bible signs as some of them proudly carry “Gay Police Association” signs?  We all know the answer to those questions.

We are not prophets of doom (there are no prophets today) but the prophetic Scriptures foretell that perilous times will come and when we reflect on the behaviour of the “gay-affirming” police, we know that perilous times for the Christian are here!

PS    The current demand of the gay lobby is  “gay marriage”, hence the title of our post.

A Veiled Threat from Pro-Abortion Feminazi’s!!!

I have been posting comments on a feminist blog occasionally for a couple of weeks now because of the bloggers obvious pro-abortion views and her callous disregard for the unborn child. I have been verbally attacked left right and centre. However, the situation has taken an ominous turn following comments I posted last night (22nd September) because I believe that veiled threats to harm me (or worse) were made in responses to my comment. I will now quote my comment and  their responses to my comment,word for word, except where their words are unrepeatable and from the pit of hell itself.

Wendy the pro-abortion, feminist blogger has become a grandmother. Her grand-daughter was born prematurely at 32 weeks gestation

My comment (no.120) “Wendy ,your concern for your grand-daughter is understandable. Now, may I ask these questions. Before she was born,was she a baby? Did she have a right to life? What if your daughter or daughter-in-law decided to abort your grand-daughter at 32 weeks gestation because the pregnancy was ” affecting her mental state”? what would your reaction have been? If you would have encouraged her to abort, then your concern for your grand-daughter has only just begun. Does that mean you had no concern for her when she was an unborn baby?

Wendy responds, (comment 121), “Susan – you are a good argument for abortion if there ever was one….someone should have slapped your mother for having you…Free choice for all women. Free choice. How clearer can that be…How sad your mother chose otherwise….You won’t believe how many times I edited this comment and removed everything you might perceive as “threatening”…even though I meant all of it and I know what I would do to you if you were standing in front of me right now…You must be shown for what and who you are and I intend to do it. Everyone knows how low and how base the minds and actions of the “pro-life” lobby can be and you have vindicated that. You are not qualified, nor invited, to comment or intrude on what I say about my family. You and your ilk are vermin.”

Now Maeve comments, ” That is how the pro-life people work Wendy, they hit well below the belt. I know where I would hit Susan Anne White if I could………………..”    The remainder of Maeve’s comment is wicked beyond belief!

These comments reveal the dark, depraved nature of these women and their ideology.

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Chick-fil-A Labyrinth – Are they on or off the fence?

An update about Chick-fil-A is now essential because of the confusing and contradictory reports which we have read.

It now appears that they will continue to give donations to groups opposed to gay marriage!

However, this about-turn (if it is an about-turn) raises more questions than it answers and Chick-fil-A have not set the record straight regarding the twists and turns of this strange saga.

Did they meet with LGBT groups to find “common ground”?

In the light of Mr.Cathy’s recently stated Biblical views on marriage, it is disturbing and unsettling to think that such a meeting (s) took place  (if they did take place.)

We apologise if we have misrepresented Chick-fil-A in any way,  that was unintentional. We simply repeated reliable reports we had read on the Internet. However we have to say that we still don’t know the answer to the question about Chick-fil-A    i.e  have they capitulated in any way or not?