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Dr John Diggs affidavit on dangers of “gay” sex

In March, 2000, a homosexual organisation called GLSEN (Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network) held a one day conference at Tufts University in Boston.

It was entitled “GLSEN-Boston’s “Teach-Out” conference and the main speaker was homosexual activist Kevin Jennings, a depraved and vile individual who founded GLSEN.

Approximately 200 young teens and 300 adults attended the pornographic and unspeakably evil conference which was later dubbed “Fistgate.”

An organisation called Mass Resistance (they resist the onslaught of the LGBT lobby) recorded the proceedings and exposed GLSEN and their ilk as the child-corrupters they were and are.

Despite his appalling track record, Jennings was appointed as head of Obama’s “Safe and Drugs-free Schools” Department, a position he held from 2009-2011.

We (the Whites) have argued that children are more at risk of sexual abuse from homosexuals than from heterosexuals and Dr Diggs obviously agrees. Here is a quote from his Affidavit,

“Homosexuals perpetrate child sex crimes at a rate many times their number in the population.”

Here is a link to Dr John Diggs’s Affidavit which he submitted in favour of the parents who revealed what had occurred at “Fistgate.”

MV Dona Paz – world’s worst peacetime maritime disaster

Unlike the Titanic, the MV Dona Paz  disaster is rarely mentioned. We had no recollection of it until we read about it online and the reports were truly harrowing.

On 20th December, 1987, the MV Dona Paz collided with an oil tanker, the MT Vector. The Dona Paz was sailing from Tacloban City in the Philippines to Manila the capital city.

The oil tanker had a crew of 13 and the Dona Paz may have had as many as 4,000 people on board (accounts of passenger numbers vary,) and, if so, was seriously overcrowded.

The MT Vector crew were (it was later found out) underqualified and the vessel’s licence had expired.

When both ships collided, the Vector’s cargo ignited and caused a fire that spilled into the water and rapidly spread to the Dona Paz.

The Dona Paz sank within 2 hours of collision and the MT Vector within 4 hours. Both ships sank in about 1,788 feet of water in the shark-infested Tablas Strait.

Only 26 survivors were rescued from the water. 24 were from the Dona Paz and 2 from the MT Vector.

Over 4,000 souls were lost. This was a disaster of unimaginable horror, suffering and magnitude.

The tragedy has been called “Asia’s Titanic,”but, unlike the Titanic, it appears to be a forgotten tragedy.

We hope that is not the case.



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Pastor Steven Anderson deported from Botswana (after radio interview)

Pastor Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church, Tempe, Arizona, has been deported from Botswana after participating in a Botswanan radio programme.

He had already been banned from entering South Africa and the UK (he had intended to travel to South Africa via London.)

The interview is riveting and should be listened to in its entirety.

We agree with many of Pastor Anderson’s views which he clearly expressed on the programme, but not all.

We share his view that homosexuality is  sinful and disgusting and that death WAS the penalty for that sin in the Old Testament. The New Testament likewise condemns homosexual acts. However we do not advocate the death penalty for homosexuals (unless they commit murder.) Pastor Anderson believes they should still be executed today and offers no hope of forgiveness to the repentant homosexual.

Indeed he is of the view that homosexuals are reprobates who can never be forgiven and must be executed.

We believe that homosexuals can repent and become Bible-believing Christians and we extend that hope to them. However we believe that homosexuality should be recriminalized and that practising homosexuals should go to prison. They would then see that their lifestyle is not only sinful but also a crime and are more likely to repent of that sin/crime and forsake it.

Pastor Anderson also seems to believe that all homosexuals are child-molesters. It is true that homosexuals are MORE likely to abuse children than heterosexuals (40 times more likely in fact) but we would not go as far as Pastor Anderson and say they are all child-molesters, although their abnormal and filthy sexual proclivities certainly leads many of them in that direction.

Pastor Anderson believes adulterers should be executed and, under the law of Moses, such wicked people were executed. If adulterers faced a death sentence for their wickedness in Northern Ireland today, methinks there would be no adultery.

Pastor Anderson is right in believing that adultery is a sin and a crime and that adulterers should be punished ,but, whereas Pastor Anderson calls for their execution, we call for adultery to be declared illegal and for filthy adulterers to be imprisoned.

We likewise agree with Pastor Anderson that women and girls who have babies out of wedlock are sinning and the sin is fornication. He does not advocate (and never has) their execution and neither do we, but such behaviour on the part of these girls and women (and the men who fornicate with them) should be roundly condemned and preached against from the pulpits in the land and those involved should feel ashamed and embarrassed.

Now listen to the interview for yourself,

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Evil savage Kirkwood found with dogs again (despite ban)

Is anyone surprised?

Wicked Jeremiah and his equally wicked family were not punished for their appalling animal cruelty when sentenced in 2014 (we do not consider suspended sentences punishment) and they left the Court gloating and every bit as dangerous as before they were caught.

Kirkwood was found with two dogs at his home this week despite a 10 year ban on owning dogs!

It is unclear if the dogs were removed from the premises, and, if not, why not?

Why would the authorities leave dogs with that savage family?

Kirkwood and sons should have gone to prison for 10 years and been banned from owning dogs for life.

However, it seems that in liberal Northern Ireland, the maximum sentence they could have received is two years. That is not justice but they didn’t even get that. The Judge handed down suspended sentences.

It beggars belief!

See article below and you will be confronted with the face of evil.

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Hellish Heroin (graphic photos of overdose)

Police in Ohio, USA have released photos of a man and a woman in a car after overdosing on heroin.

The woman’s four year old son is in the back seat.

See where their drug use has led them? To utter degradation and public shame.

Following on from our previous posts about the dangers of cannabis, there is increasing evidence for the “Gateway” theory – that cannabis use can lead to the use of other drugs.

See photos of the heroin-addled couple at link below,

Another horrific cannabis-fuelled murder (this time in Northern Ireland)

In January 2015, Ahmed Noor, aged 33 and originally from Somalia, brutally murdered his friend Mohsin Bhatti who was aged 29 and originally from Pakistan.

The killer had been smoking cannabis all day and night before committing the appalling murder.

He had paranoid schizophrenia. Some medical authorities believe that cannabis can induce schizophrenia whilst others believe that cannabis exacerbates pre-existing psychoses.

Either way, Ahmed Noor is a very dangerous man and cannabis is a very dangerous substance!

He was jailed for six years!!  Six years for breaking into his friends home and chasing him down the street as the poor man fled for his life, then brutally stabbing him to death.

He was joyful after slaughtering his friend.

He should be executed, schizophrenia or no schizophrenia.

Unfortunately in liberal Northern Ireland, there is no death penalty so the killer should be in prison for life or in an asylum for life.

Cannabis is dangerous and must never be legalised.

PS  To further illustrate the dangers of cannabis, a mother of three, Gemma Moss, died as a result of cannabis poisoning in 2014.