We voted “LEAVE” all by ourselves (no unholy alliance was necessary)

We voted “leave” (EU) in the recent referendum in the UK and we are glad that the “LEAVE” camp won.

However we are under no illusion that the UK Government is any better than the EU dictators when it comes to moral and religious matters.

We will still be governed by pro-LGBT and pro-Islam and pro-abortion and pro-multiculturalism and pro-………ad nauseum dictators, be they the Labour or Conservative variety.

However it will be easier to oppose uncontrolled immigration outside the EU and the UK Government will be free to cast off the burdensome and foolish bureaucratic red tape which so hindered business growth after BREXIT (at least we hope so.)

We observed (with alarm) that some politicians who argued for BREXIT were only too willing and eager to join in unholy alliances with some left-wingers and compromised right-wingers.

Brexit campaigners in Northern Ireland were happy to associate with, and sometimes give a platform to, people like Kate Hoey, Boris Johnson, Daniel Hannan and UKIP (to name some.)

Kate Hoey is a member of the Labour Party (Socialist) and she voted in favour of homosexual “marriage” in 2013.

Boris Johnson has committed adultery and supports homo “marriage.”

Dan Hannan is liberal on drugs and prostitution. He backed civil unions for homosexuals in 2004 and was “quite relaxed” about upgrading them to “marriage.” The UK Parliament legalised homosexual “marriage” in 2013.

UKIP have a LGBTQ in UKIP group with the approval of the NEC of the Party. That group had an “Out and Proud” campaign to leave the European Union.

Do the “Vote Leave” representatives in Northern Ireland know any or all of the above facts?

If not, why not?

If so, justify the unjustifiable i.e your unholy alliance with such people.

It seems that all that mattered to some in the NI Vote Leave campaign is that the above-named people wanted to leave the EU.

The enemy is not just in the EU, the enemy is within.



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