Memo to Christian Institute – forgo the “niceties” and “play the man”

Simon Calvert of the Christian Institute was on the Stephen Nolan radio show on the BBC this morning.

The programme was discussing the possibility of Northern Ireland having a referendum on homosexual “marriage.”

Homosexual John O’Doherty, he of the appalling Rainbow Project was also on the show.

Simon Calvert was weak and cowardly in his responses to  the wicked, aggressive challenger O’Doherty.

It seems that Mr.Calvert and the organisation he represents are obsessed with appearing “reasonable” and “nice.”

Not once during the discussion did Mr.Calvert describe homosexuality as a sin and not once did he describe homosexual “marriage” as an oxymoron and a hideous aberration.

Instead Mr.Calvert said that any debate on sodomite “marriage” should be done “respectfully” and carried out “respectfully.”

We think that Mr.Calvert likes that word “respectfully” because he used it often enough and he must think it makes him sound “nice” and “reasonable.”

There is no debate to be had on sodomite “marriage” Mr.Calvert.


It is wicked and must never be legalised. NEVER!

Homosexuality should be recriminalized and that would put a stop to the sodomite demand for “marriage.”

The Christian Institute should demand that homosexuality should be recriminalized but they won’t because that would make them appear “unreasonable” and might alienate some or most of their supporters.

The Christian Institute seems to have forgotten that we Christians are engaged in a spiritual battle, and that necessitates courage and a steadfast refusal to compromise when faced with the enemy’s demands. We are not to seek an accommodation with wickedness by giving ground to them. The enemy should not view us as “reasonable” and “nice.” They will take advantage of any sign of weakness.

The Christian Institute is weak and cowardly in the face of the LGBTQ enemy and they have even joined in an unholy alliance with that well-known vile homosexual Peter Tatchell supposedly to protect free speech!

Before it is too late, Christian Institute, pull back from the point of no return. Withdraw from that unholy alliance.

Cease playing the “nice” compromiser. Learn to “play the man.”

Listen to the discussion with Simon Calvert and John O’Doherty at link below

Discussion starts at 21 minutes and 29 seconds.

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