Muslim murders couple in France

This terrible crime is not getting anything like the media coverage given to the Orlando killings, so we are ensuring that you know about it with this post.

On Monday night past, a 25 year old Muslim terrorist called Larossi Abballa lay in wait for Police Captain Jean-Baptiste Salvaing (aged 42) outside his house and brutally stabbed him. He reportedly shouted “Allahu Akhbar” as he committed bloody murder. Then he held the man’s wife Jessica Schneider ( although we cannot ascertain if they were married) and 3 year old son hostage for several hours during which time he brutally murdered the woman. The poor child may have faced a similar fate had the Police not stormed the house around midnight and dispatched the savage butcher to “Muslim paradise!”

The wicked murderer Abballa had been sentenced to three years in prison in France in 2013 for “criminal association with the aim of preparing terrorist acts” but he was inexplicably released after two and a half years by the pathetic Socialist authorities in France thereby ensuring that he was free to prepare and carry out his terrorist acts.

The French authorities have questions to answer because they freed a dangerous man and two people are now dead as a result.

Socialist governments are soft on crime and in the case of France, they are also soft on Islam, with predictable results.

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