The silence of Caleb – and it isn’t golden

The Caleb Foundation are an Evangelical Christian organisation in Northern Ireland. They are committed to ” Promoting the Fundamentals of the Historic Evangelical Protestant Faith.”

They have a website, but it has not been updated since April 2015.

They have a Council of Reference which lists the names and denominations of the 16 Ministers/Pastors (plus three others who are not Pastors) who serve (or have served) on it. One would think that with so many Pastors/Ministers representing so many churches/denominations, that Caleb would be a force to be reckoned with.

Alas, no, their silence is deafening.

They should, presently, be speaking out against, and roundly condemning:

Sex education in schools

Doctors and nurses who give contraceptives to underage children and the unmarried

The LGBTQ agenda (and they should call for homosexuality to be recriminalized)

The very real threat of men dressed up as women entering female-only facilities

The lifting of the ban on homosexuals donating blood

Abortion – their cry should be “abolish human abortion”

Feminism and its goal of an androgynous society

Adultery, that scarlet sin – Caleb should demand that it be made a criminal offence

Islam and its destructive influence on any society in which it dominates

They should also call for the restoration of the death penalty for murder.

The Ministers/Pastors associated with Caleb may have dealt with some of the above hot potatoes from the relative safety of their pulpits, but that is not enough. They need to “cry aloud and spare not”, and show society their sins.

They should organise protests and demand that their congregations support such efforts by their presence.

Some Ministers/Pastors (in Caleb and without) seem to think that they have done their duty when they oppose Belfast Pride once a year. We know that Christians cannot protest at every evil event that takes place because there are so many, but that is no excuse for doing little or nothing.

Here is the list of names on Caleb’s Council of Reference. How many of them are well known for publicly protesting against moral and social evils/ills?

Rev. Stanley Barnes (Free Presbyterian)
Rev. Philip Campbell (Congregational)
Rev. Ken Elliot (Free Presbyterian)
Mr. Robert Hamilton (Independent Methodist)
Rev. Ron Johnstone (Free Presbyterian)
Dr. Trevor Maze (Reformed Presbyterian)
Rev. William Malcolmson (Congregational Reformed)
Rev. Eric McComb (Elim Pentecosal)
Rev. Robert McEvoy (Congregational)
Rev. Colin McFarland (Congregational)
Rev. Philip Millen (Free Presbyterian)
Rev. Victor Neill (Congregational)
Rev. William Park (Independent Methodist)
Pastor David Patterson (Baptist)
Rev. David Silversides (Reformed Presbyterian)
Rev. Noel Somerville (Church of the Nazarene)
Mr. Wallace Thompson (Evangelical Protestant Society)
Rev. Alan Smylie (Free Presbyterian)
Mr. Mervyn Storey (Free Presbyterian) He is a politician, an MLA, and last year, his department gave £3,500 to Outburst Queer Arts Festival which showed a play which portrayed the Lord Jesus Christ as transgender. Why is he still in Caleb and why has he not been disciplined by his church?

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