Russell Moore, Al Mohler et al – liberals destroying the SBC

With breathtaking arrogance, liberal Baptist Dr. Russell Moore, President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, proclaims his support for that lovey-dovey religion  (Islam) and its adherents in the USA who want to build mosques, couching his betrayal of  Biblical principles of separation and those (few) who still hold to them, with the words “soul freedom for all.”

One such courageous Pastor in the audience, John Wofford, questioned Moore about his support for the mosque-builders but got short shrift from Moore who was surrounded by fellow liberals who applauded their man.

Russell Moore is also liberal on homosexuality (see article below) and he has also spoken at the Vatican!

Al Mohler is another one to watch as he too is on the liberal merry-go-round. He signed the ecumenical Manhatten Declaration some years ago (as did Russell Moore) and has spoken at the Mormon-owned Brigham Young University, thereby bestowing credibility on the LDS cult.

In 2014 and 2015, he (Mohler) apologised to the LGBT lobby and said Christians had sinned against homosexuals.

Al Mohler is the President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and on June 15th this year, he presented Russell Moore with the 2016 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year award and during the presentation Dr.Mohler said,

“Russ Moore…..has made Southern Seminary proud in so many different ways .It is high time that we make this presentation and celebrate Russ Moore as Alumnus of the Year of the institution very proud to claim him as our own.”

With “friends” like Dr.Mohler and Dr.Moore, who needs enemies?

Another Pastor causing concern is the highly influential Dr John MacArthur.He has no connection to the Southern Baptist Convention as far as we know but nevertheless, he and Al Mohler are friends and Dr.Mohler was one of the speakers at the Shepherds conference 2016 which is held annually at John MacArthurs Grace Community Church. Al Mohler has praised Russell Moore (as we have clearly shown) and he signed the ecumenical Manhatten Declaration, yet Dr John MacArthur is happy to have him address his Shepherds Conference.

Another signer of the Manhatten Declaration, Ligon Duncan was also a speaker at MacArthurs conference.

Are we to believe that Dr. MacArthur is totally ignorant of the above facts?       (read article about Russ Moore’s appointment of “gay-affirming” Karen Swallow Prior as a Research Fellow with the ERLC.)

2 thoughts on “Russell Moore, Al Mohler et al – liberals destroying the SBC

  1. Mr and Mrs White, I would like to ask a general question concerning your blog as a whole. I and many others have noticed that almost all (if not all) of your blog posts involve condemning acts that you believe to be against Christ. A huge element of Christianity is about love, patience and tolerance. Why do we so rarely see you focus on positive things in your blog?

    • Because they wallow in their bitter dislike of the human race in general. Their home must have the atmosphere of a mortuary.

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