Left-wing “gays” ban UKIP’s right-wing “gays” from London Pride

The LGBT in UKIP lobby have been banned from attending the annual parade of vulgarity known as “Gay Pride” in London next Saturday.

To see something of the terrifying and evil spectacle that is a “gay” pride parade, click on the first link below and read our post about a recent London Pride parade and see the accompanying photos.

Nigel Farage is not happy that his party has been banned and note his use of the word “party” so he is obviously not just talking about UKIP’s own in-house LGBT group but the party itself. It is a disgrace for UKIP to have and approve of such a group in its ranks and, of course they would naturally gravitate to a depraved spectacle like a Pride parade but Mr.Farage, it seems, would like UKIP as a party to be represented among the degenerates who will parade next Saturday.

Here is a quote from Mr.Farage on the banning of his party from London Pride, taken from one of the links given below,

“Indeed the party has been banned, outlawed in fact from attending the London Gay Pride Parade, which I was under the impression was about tolerance rather than censorship and hate.” (end of quote)

Add to the above the fact that the Deputy Mayor of Ramsgate is a transsexual and a member of UKIP, and the fact that Frank Maloney, another transsexual was a guest speaker at a recent UKIP conference AND the fact that last year, Nigel Farage signalled that UKIP were doing a U-turn with regard to their opposition to homosexual marriage, which all begs the question, why does any Christian support or vote for such a party?





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