Protest against Omagh LGBT recruitment evening!

On Tuesday of this week I protested against a LGBT recruitment evening (euphemistically described as a “Volunteer Open Evening) in Omagh, Northern Ireland. The LGBT group are “encouraging heterosexual people to volunteer and help the local gay community.” They want them to help “eliminate stigma.” It is also highly likely that they want the heterosexual volunteers to eventually question their own sexual orientation with a view to some of them “coming out” as gay.”

As I stood outside the venue displaying Bible signs Mr. Conor Keys, recently the host of a pre-election debate which I participated in, appeared on the scene and entered the venue having first exchanged pleasantries with some young people who arrived just before him. Now his appearance was a surprise and begs the following question.
Why was Conor Keys who is obviously biased in favour of the LGBT lobby permitted to host the West Tyrone Decides debate?

After he entered the venue, he reappeared a little while later to offer me a cup of tea to which I replied, “No thank you.”
Then a few more young people arrived and entered the building only to reappear later outside with what appeared to be the whole group (all 6 or 7 of them!) with the exception of Mr.Keys who remained inside.

They approached me and they were carrying an amateurish makeshift sign with the words “Down with this sort of thing” written on it. Their intention was to intimidate me and, as I feared for my safety (and that they might damage my Bible signs) I crossed the road and continued my protest for another 15-20 minutes approx. In total, my protest lasted an hour or more (not the half hour quoted in the newspaper article.)

A lone protestor I certainly was but if I hadn’t been there the other side would have won by default, and by emphasizing Biblical marriage I believe I am protecting young people from the mind manipulators in the LGBT lobby who want young people to believe that marriage is anything they want it to be, that snow is black in other words.

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