Justice denied as Fat Nick is found “not guilty”

The black savage nicknamed Fat Nick (actual name Nicholas Salvador) a heavily built 6 foot cage fighter who brutally beheaded an 82 year old great grandmother has been found “not guilty by reason of insanity.”

Psychiatrists for the prosecution and defence told jurors that he had paranoid schizophrenia.

Irrespective of their diagnosis, Salvador is guilty of murder.

He has been committed to Broadmoor maximum security hospital indefinitely.

In April 2014 he was sentenced to three months imprisonment suspended for six months after being convicted of possession of a bladed article.

Just weeks before he murdered Mrs.Silva, he became obsessed with ISIS beheading videos, and some reports have stated that he was a Muslim convert.

He regularly smoked skunk cannabis and had taken cocaine and, it seems, he also drank heavily. Cannabis can be a contributing factor in Schizophrenia.

In September last year, he went on his murderous rampage and decapitated two or more cats then attacked frail defenceless grandmother Palmira Silva with a machete.

She was stabbed and beheaded by that towering hulk of evil Salvadore.

Armed police were on the scene and tasered him six times and even then they struggled to subdue him.

Why oh why did those officers not fire warning shots in to the air, then command him to drop his weapons and surrender and, if he failed to obey, use whatever firepower deemed necessary to stop him murdering a great grandmother. If they arrived too late to stop the dreadful murder, they should still have drawn their weapons with a view to using them against Salvador.

What is the point of coming armed to the scene of a crime and then using tasers?

In our description of Fat Nick we have given his skin colour (black) and why not? The media in USA continually emphasized the Charleston shooter’s (another wicked man)  skin colour (white.)



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