62.07% of Irish citizens believe snow is black i.e that homosexuality is normal

How did the homosexual lobby and their supporters succeed in getting 62.07% of Irish citizens to press the societal self-destruct button and vote for sodomite “marriage?”

By threats and intimidation of course, their usual and predictable weapons of choice, that’s how!

Another strategy that was widely employed by the homosexual lobby was media-led and politician-led and police-led pro-gay propaganda fed to the public incessantly, desensitising them to the truth about the homosexual lifestyle and its destructive effect on society.

So, thousands of desensitised, brainwashed people walked zombie-like to the polling stations and did the bidding of their homosexual masters, all the while thinking they were doing something noble and virtuous in casting a vote for “equality.”

This is tantamount to believing that snow is black, a phrase coined by that old left-winger Bertrand Russell who believed that  children could be made to believe such nonsense through mind control and mind manipulation techniques. The modern version of Russell’s ideology is seen in today’s society, where most people now believe that homosexuality is normal and healthy and that two men or two women can walk down the isle and supposedly be joined in marriage and that this is as valid and acceptable as a man and a woman being joined in marriage.

Think of two women in wedding dresses or two men in wedding suits walking down the isle holding hands and kissing, and if you think that is normal and to be celebrated, then you have lost your mind to the mind manipulators of the politically correct elite.

The proper response and reaction to homosexual “marriage” and the only response honouring to God, is to view such turning of things upside down and inside out and back to front with horror and terror, for the God-defying spectacle being played out before our very eyes.

We commend the brave people who voted “NO” to “gay marriage” (37.93%) in the referendum.

The homosexual lobby are coming for Northern Ireland and intend to force sodomite “marriage” on our Province Already a homosexual couple who had a “gay marriage” elsewhere have a case with the Family court in Northern Ireland and they are intent on forcing Northern Ireland to recognise their “marriage.”

We will resist this madness, God helping us.

Dear Christian friend, you must do likewise and help us!

Click on the following links to see what really took place in the run-up to the Irish referendum ( the hotel mentioned in the first link now say that their offer of a 50% reduction to anyone who removed a “NO” poster was a publicity stunt. Having viewed the wicked facebook of said hotel, we don’t think they can use the “in jest” card.)



6 thoughts on “62.07% of Irish citizens believe snow is black i.e that homosexuality is normal

  1. “How did the homosexual lobby and their supporters succeed in getting 62.07% of Irish citizens to press the societal self-destruct button and vote for sodomite “marriage?” ”

    Because they freely, without coercion, made the decision to allow same-sex marriage to enter into the Irish constitution, for reasons that are none of your g….. business.

    The ballot of secret. People can vote however they b….. well want, without fear of these so-called homosexual demons arriving at their doors with a wooly face.

    wake up and smell the coffee: people wanted same-sex marriage, so they voted for it. That’s what we call democracy: you can’t be in favour of letting people have their opinion, and spit out the dummy when their opinions do not align with your own.

    I appreciate that you have sincerely held religious beliefs, with which I do not agree. But you must not fool yourself into believing that the right thing to do is to denigrate democracy and force your opinions on to other people.

  2. You are not a Christian Susan Anne White. Jesus would have abhorred the way you behave and if you paid more attention to your bible instead of spending your days spitting vitriol and inciting hatred, you would realise that.

    Lose the arrogance and self righteousness. From my experience of a life lived in this place, Evangelicals and “Christian” Fundamentalists are the only faction who truly poison this society with their supremacist ideology and their own very specific , hate-filled and unparalleled form of “mind control”.

    I beg you. Please do not damage another generation. Let children in your care and in your society think freely and have empathy for others. Tell them that they are not infallible and privileged over others, but are equal and may some day unite with whoever they choose to love irrespective of gender, race or religion. In other words, begin to tell them the truth. Otherwise you stunt their growth and shut them off from true relationships that are about generosity, kindness, love and myriad things are actually in line with the life of Jesus.

    Just as a side note, well over a million voted yes, not thousands.

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