Foul mouthed lesbian mocks my Biblical views on homosexuality

Google the words “Gay marriage, Ireland and Susan-Anne White” to view a video that is an ad hominem attack on my Biblical views on homosexuality.

The woman in front of the camera is immodest and foul-mouthed, so be warned, but we are posting about it, as it provides further evidence of the hostility and hatred directed at those who oppose homosexuality, and also serves as a reminder that persecution is coming, and I speak from experience.

Note please the clips of me speaking at the West Tyrone Decides debate, which form part of the video. Do you see the strange lighting the filmmaker has added all around me? Her intention is, of course, to make me look sinister.

To any Evangelical Christians who will view this video I say, “Be not ignorant of the devices of the wicked as they seek to silence us. The wicked know that the only people who stand in their way and the only people who can stop them destroying society are Bible-believing Christians. They fear the Christian who will not be silenced.

Be that Christian!”

PS, we had originally posted a link directly to the video, but have removed it because the woman in front of the camera had the words “Support gay marriage” on a rainbow-coloured background on the video, and that homosexual propaganda message would have remained permanently on her video, and therefore, on our blog.

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