Kyle Paisley and the DUP – both need to repent!

Rev. Kyle Paisley is a busy man these days but he is not busily engaged in matters spiritual, oh no, he is busily engaged in a much more worldly activity i.e settling old scores.

Recently he was busily engaged in criticising my Biblical views on homosexuality, adultery and Islam on the BBC radio programme “Talkback” hosted by William Crawley who obviously thinks me a figure of fun (as Paisley does.)

One would think that Kyle Paisley, a Minister of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, would share my views instead of finding them amusing!

Now Kyle’s criticism of my views wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that I criticised his sister-in-law, now would it?

A Minister of the Gospel wouldn’t stoop so low, perish the thought!!!!

Just yesterday Kyle was heard once again on his friend William Crawley’s “Talkback” radio show and this time the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) was his only target.

Here is the Rev. Paisley’s advice to the DUP,

“There needs to be contrition – repentance in sackcloth and ashes – and there needs to be a purging of the leaven.”

Now it is true that the DUP needs to repent. They are a worldly and deeply compromised Party. Their behaviour in the Jenny Palmer matter is disgraceful and sinful. They were intent on disciplining a whistleblower because she revealed certain matters the Party wanted to hide rather than punishing the wrongdoers. Instead they shamefully promoted one of the alleged wrongdoers.

This is the Party that talk much about conscience (remember the Conscience clause they want to introduce) yet they wanted Jenny Palmer to violate her conscience!

In the recent election, the DUP manifesto made no mention of the evils of homosexuality and abortion, further evidence that they are becoming ever more liberal. Oh yes the DUP need to repent, but here’s the rub,

so does Kyle Paisley!

He should include in his repentance his recent praise for the pro-gay and pro-abortion politician Naomi Long.

Search your heart, Kyle Paisley, you’ll find lots of things to repent of, so off you go and don your sackcloth and ashes.

One thought on “Kyle Paisley and the DUP – both need to repent!

  1. I am sick and tired of people who profess to be Christians who aren’t. Another good example is Nikky Morgan Minister of State for Education

    “Challenge Equalities Minister on her new role

    Education Secretary and Equalities Minister, Nicky Morgan, writing an article for Pink News, announced her intention to fly a rainbow flag over Whitehall to ‘mark International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Please contact Nicky Morgan to ask how her promotion of a hard line ‘equalities’ and same-sex ‘marriage’ agenda fits in with her former position as trustee of the Conservative Christian Fellowship and her Christian faith.”

    Well done Mrs White for highlighting this hypocrisy. If you are a Godless pagan why not just say so and take the consequences ?

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