BBC Talkback programme’s idea of a “balanced discussion!”

Yesterday the BBC radio Ulster’s programme “Talkback” had a studio discussion about the Irish referendum on homosexual “marriage.”

The programme reflected the usual, predictable bias of the BBC in that those invited to share their views were all pro-homosexual, namely “Rev” Chris Hudson of the Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church (a false church,) Colin Morrison from Atheist NI, and a Roman Catholic priest Gerry O’ Connor who voted for homosexual “marriage” in the Irish Referendum.

Whatever happened to “fair and balanced” reporting of issues?

3 thoughts on “BBC Talkback programme’s idea of a “balanced discussion!”

  1. Why? just because nobody was on condemning anyone to eternal damnation you say it was not balanced? the people of Ireland voted YES Mrs White, deal with it! you’d have been the type who would have opposed Abolition back in the 19th century.

    • This is Northern Ireland, and the people of NI have NOT voted for homosexual “marriage” and we hope they never will. 37.93% of those who voted in the Irish Referendum said “NO” to the tyrannical “gays.” Not one of them was interviewed by that Talkback programme.

  2. perhaps non-Christians feel as though Christian interests are over-represented at Stormont, and that Christian principles are too pervasive in a society that is evolving towards the secular. Food for thought.

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