1976 – The New Creation Singers set Scripture to music

September 1976 was a very significant year because it marked my Christian conversion. Prior to that date I thought I was a Christian because I was born in to a religious family and followed the dictates of my “Christian” religion.

I later became involved with a counterfeit of Christianity cult. However, everything changed when I heard the true Biblical Gospel at a young peoples’ meeting. I was invited to the meeting by a lady who owned a Christian bookshop in Blackpool (my family and I lived in England between 1972-1977.)

At the meeting, a young fellow gave his testimony and stated that he had become a Christian. This intrigued me as I thought he must have been a Muslim or such like, because, after all, I reasoned, most people are Christians, at least in the UK ( or so I thought, in my spiritual ignorance,) so he must have been born into a non-Christian religion.

I was very happy for him, but didn’t realise that, despite my religious background and religious observance, I was not a Christian!

However, soon after that meeting, I too became a Christian. It was as if someone switched a light on, and then I realised that aforetime, I had been walking in darkness.

A Christian friend loaned me an LP record of Scripture in song by the New Creation Singers and I remember it to this day. Recently, we ordered that same LP (now in CD form,) from the New Creation Singers website, and they enclosed two additional complimentary CD’s.

The LP my friend loaned me was entitled, “The Lord Lives.”

I still find their music inspirational today, just as it was in the life of a 17 year old girl, all those years ago.

P.S., we discovered today, 13th September 2015, that the New Creation Singers website is no longer available. We revised the above post accordingly, by deleting reference to their website. However, we have found a youtube link, so our readers can hear some of their music.

5 thoughts on “1976 – The New Creation Singers set Scripture to music

  1. Nice music¡ My family and I shared a couple of days with Gene Dalton and his family at their ranch in Waco TX in Jan 1981, they showed us where they used to record their music,Great times.

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