Killers of Lee Rigby did not betray Islam – they OBEYED its dictates!

The savage barbarians who killed soldier Lee Rigby last May, were justly convicted of his murder yesterday.

During the trial, the prosecuting lawyer spun the usual PC yarn about the case having nothing to do with Islam when he informed the jury that “Islam is not on trial.”

One of the convicted killers quickly disavowed the lawyer’s nonsensical statement when he kissed the Koran as he was led away from the courtroom.

Indeed, within minutes of the killing of Lee Rigby in May, Adebolajo was helpfully providing anyone who was listening with information regarding his and his accomplice’s motivation for the killing when he stated that, ” We are forced by the Koran…..”

As the Judge considers the sentence he will hand down, all we can say is that it’s a pity Albert Pierrepoint the former British State hangman is no longer around to administer to the two Muslim killers that which they assuredly deserve i.e the death penalty.

Click on the following link (which we have posted before) to learn more about the killers’ motivation,

2 thoughts on “Killers of Lee Rigby did not betray Islam – they OBEYED its dictates!

  1. So what you are saying is that ISLAM is just as evil as christianity then. No news here, we all know that extremists of both religions use their beliefs to justify persecution and worse against their fellow human beings.

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