A Fairytale for Terrorists

Once upon a time, there was a faraway land called Appeasement Process, which was a topsy-turvy land where everything was back to front, inside out and upside down.
Most of the citizens of this land had been lulled in to a false sense of security by those who pulled the strings, and who lived in a huge monstrosity called the House of Meaningless Assurances.

The citizenry of Appeasement Process land spent most of their time asleep, unaware that their sense of security was false and the result of them being fed an untruth drug virtually every day by an insatiable monster called The Media.

However, a few brave souls who refused to be spoon-fed with the untruth drug, fought against The Media, and tried to break the stranglehold it had over their fellow citizens.

The Media fought back and hurled sticks and stones at these warriors-for-truth. The sticks and stones were emblazoned with words/sentiments such as, “bigot,” “hateful,” and ” dragging us back to the past.”

The Media and those who occupied the House of Meaningless Assurances were bosom friends and one assisted the other in their strategy to win the hearts and minds of the citizens.

Some of those who occupied the House of Meaningless Assurances were from a tribe called The Terrorists, although these were rather  embarrassed by their tribe and preferred to be called, Former Terrorists.

Appeasement Process land was actually brought into being for the habitation of the Former Terrorists and their “partners” who are known as “Political Parties,” and their fawning ally, the Monster Media.

Some of the Former Terrorists who reside in the House of Meaningless Assurances, and other Terrorists who do not (as yet) reside in said monstrosity, had been very bad when they were younger, but, as that was before they came to live in Appeasement Process land, those who pulled the strings decided that their agreement to live in said land (whose Constitution is known as the Belfast Agreement,) was deserving of a reward.

The rewards decided upon were lavish.

Some were elevated to positions of “decision-makers” in the House of Meaningless Assurances.
Others were given “Get out of prison in two years or less” cards.
Whilst others were given “Immunity against prison” cards or the similar “Amnesty for never-to-be-investigated-crimes” cards.

And now we must bid farewell to Appeasement Process land, where evil is good and wrong is right and justice for the victims of the Former Terrorists is turned on its head and is fallen in the streets.

We must take our leave quietly as we don’t want to wake the sleeping citizens.

So Farewell Appeasement Process land, where the only people who live happily ever after are the Former Terrorists, and those who join in unholy alliances with them!

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