Trendy wolf in woolly clothes – Mark Driscoll – Evangelical Christianity’s “Undertaker”

In a stunt to promote his new book, “Pastor” Mark Driscoll drove himself to a speaking engagement at a Church in a HEARSE.

Always controversial (and offensive,) he did not disappoint. It was more of a shock to see him dressed in a suit with shirt and tie!

His usual attire is jeans and a cowboy shirt or fleece. Trendy Mark needs a “dressing-down” for “dressing-down.”

Here is the link to a video of Mr.Driscoll driving the hearse,

He is, apparently, concerned that, in his words, Christianity is “dying,” so, he wants to see a “resurgence,” whatever that means.

The sight of him emerging from a hearse certainly communicates a message, but not the message he envisages, because it is Driscoll himself (and many others like him that we could name,) who is/are to blame for the abysmal spiritual condition of many Churches today.

He is one of the new generation of “sexperts” in the pulpits of many a “modern” church who, under the guise of being “culturally relevant,” (again, whatever that means,) are to be blamed for bringing their obsession with sex and worldliness into the pulpit and promoting unholy living in innumerable congregations.

The gates of hell will not prevail against the true Church of the Lord Jesus Christ on the earth, but there is no doubt that men like Mark Driscoll have come in to the Church “unawares” and “worried” and snarled at Christ’s true sheep.

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