Facebook comment describes major political Parties in NI as “strictly Evangelical”

I have been commenting on the blog of a former Pastor turned atheist called Bruce Gerencser for a few days. He also has a Facebook page and he posted my Manifesto on it. You will notice that he made three points about my Manifesto and, taken in order, they are as follows,
1. I am a “fundamentalist crazy”
2. I live in England
3.I’m running for political office
He is WRONG on all three!
1.I am not crazy
2.I do not live in England (I live in Northern Ireland)
3. I’m not running for political office as the election took place last May.

He also posts a comment from someone calling himself Marc Ewt who states that Northern Ireland is his home country and then proceeds to utter nonsense about NI (some of his assertions are hilarious.)
Ex-Pastor Bruce Gerencser is gullible enough to believe that every word Marc Ewt utters is the truth and tells him that reading his comment about the state of things in Northern Ireland helps put people like “White” in context. (Note how the former Pastor refers to me as “White” not “Mrs.White” and I don’t like it.) Read the ex-Pastor’s facebook comment below, followed by the comment by Marc Ewt, followed by the ex-Pastor’s response to ignoramus Ewt.

This woman, Susan Anne White, has been commenting on my blog the last couple of days. This is proof that they have fundamentalist crazies in England too. White is running for political office:

Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser's photo.

Commenter Marc Ewt responds with,  “ this is in Northern Ireland (my home country). Evangelical christianity has a huge influence on the north of Ireland, with the major political parties and first minister all being strictly evangelical. sadly we see a country which is held back decades behind the rest of the UK where abortion is illegal, where gay marriage is illegal, where gays are not allowed to donate blood and where sectarianism against catholics and non-evangelicals is not just rampant, but extremely violent” (end of quote)

    • Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser
      Life and Times of Bruce GerencserThanks, Marc for sharing your on the ground experience and understanding. It helps us put people like White in context. (end of quotes from ex-Pastor’s facebook)

      Now it is time for us (the Whites) to refute the (mostly) nonsense spewed out by ignoramus Marc Ewt.

      1.The major political parties in Northern Ireland (Sinn Fein, DUP, UUP, SDLP and Alliance) are anything but “strictly evangelical.”  It is hilarious to hear him describe them as such. The only Party that might once have been described as such (the DUP) is nothing of the kind today as it is secular and progressive and no longer takes an official Party line against homosexuality.
      As for the First Minister of Northern Ireland (Peter Robinson, leader of the DUP) one could hardly call him “strictly Evangelical,” wavering as he is on the abortion issue and homosexuality, and his family could hardly be called “strictly Evangelical” as his wife committed adultery and one of his sons is living with a woman he is not married to and they have a child.

      As for the other above-mentioned political Parties, by no stretch of the imagination could Marxist Sinn Fein, liberal UUP, Socialist SDLP and ultra liberal Alliance be described as “strictly Evangelical.”

      Marc Ewt continues to lie and misrepresent Northern Ireland when he asserts that NI is a place “where sectarianism against Catholics and non-evangelicals is not just rampant, but extremely violent.”

      What is this man talking about? The only violence (and threat of violence) is from the IRA and their mirror image the UVF etc. When they are not targeting their own (fellow terrorists) both organisations are threatening the law-abiding people in their respective communities and/or running prostitution and extortion rackets and/or (in the case of the IRA in particular, attempting to kill Police Officers.)

      So, Mr. Ewt, who is engaging in this rampant, extremely violent sectarianism against Catholics and non-Evangelicals (and who are these “non-evangelicals?”)

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