We have not posted for awhile because………

We needed a break. We intend to keep posting until the PC brigade succeed in having our blog removed from the internet.
We may not post as often as in the past because our readership is decreasing in number. We thank those who continue to read our blog and we hope they find it worthwhile to visit.

3 thoughts on “We have not posted for awhile because………

  1. Well while I admit I don’t agree at all with so much of what you say, I do believe you have the right to speak your views. There will always be People who want to read your blogs, whether it be cos they like to get annoyed at you and comment back as a way to “let off steam” as it were (as so many of us love to do on the Net, eg Youtube Comments etc, til we get bored and move on to something else, and then come back a week later to do it again, as is the way)… If they close you down here. which I don’t believe they will, then you can always start another one elsewhere. The Net is full of options for it and I believe you will always get an audience. People like you attract that sort of attention

  2. Thank you for your endeavours,
    I leave this little thought my dad told me many years ago
    “If you walk through any village, town or city on this planet you will never find a statue or memorial to a critique “.
    It was to encourage me to continue with truth no matter the opposition.
    Take care and May you continue in God’s peace

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