Complainant(s) back down – Mrs. White outbraves them all !

The Police informed me yesterday that the individual(s) who complained about comments I made about homosexuals at a pre-election debate in the Strule Arts Centre in Omagh on 28th April this year has dropped the complaint, despite the fact that I made it clear (to the Police) that I stand over every word I uttered during that debate and would say it all again.

Consequently the Police will not be taking any further action in this matter.

I’m disappointed to some degree because I would have relished the opportunity to defend my comments in a court of law, thereby exposing the LGBT agenda for what it is i.e dangerous and destructive.

However I suspect that the LGBT lobby knew they had too much to lose by taking me on because they know that I do not back down, and I do not apologise for telling the truth (the truth needs no apology) and because I refuse to let them intimidate me.

I will conclude this post by repeating the comment that triggered the complaint against me.

Pay attention LGBT lobby.

“Studies have shown that homosexuals are 40 times more likely than the general populace to abuse children.”

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