An encounter with “lockdown enforcers”

We had legitimate business to attend to today in our local town in a rural part of Northern Ireland, and during our time there, as we drove from one location to another, we were stopped by the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) who were conducting a “stop and interrogate” exercise against law-abiding citizens.

We were not surprised to see this waste of police time as we knew it was highly likely that we would encounter these “lockdown enforcers” during this Covid-19 hysteria, but it was still an unsettling experience.

Four police officers were at this “checkpoint” and one of them was stopping cars in our lane (another stopped vehicles going in the opposite direction) and two appeared to be observers (were they checking licence plates? I wonder!)

The intimidating officer who questioned us did not make any attempt at “niceties” and his questioning of us began with,

“Where are you going?”

To which we replied “Home.”

“Where’s home?”

We replied with the name of our home village.

He must have thought we were too far from home (11 miles away) because he then asked us,
“What are you doing here?” or words to that effect.

We answered his question, obviously to his satisfaction.

I wish we had told him to mind his own business!

I wish we had demanded to know by what authority he demanded to know our business but no, we were like compliant sheep.

I hope that next time, we’ll be willing and able to confront and resist this tyranny.



“The comics” aka the mainstream media

I was greatly amused the other day when I read a comment on a website discussing the media in which the commenter referred to the mainstream media newspapers as “the comics.”

I don’t think the commenter meant “comics” as in “comedians” although the mainstream media do make one chuckle with their arrant nonsense but “comics” as in children’s magazines such as (to name three) Bunty, Judy and Mandy from the days of yore (aka my childhood.)

Those delightful comics were filled with wonderful, unrealistic fairy tales.

What an apt description of the mainstream media, minus the word “wonderful.”

VE Day, Honourable manhood and the Ashokan Farewell

In honour of Victory in Europe Day on Friday past listen to the beautiful and moving Ashokan Farewell, then listen to the heartbreaking “Dear Sarah” letter written by an American Civil War soldier called Sullivan Ballou to his wife Sarah shortly before his death at the Battle of Bull Run.

The Ashokan Farewell accompanies the reading of the letter.

Christian cardiologist on Covid and implications for the church

Dr Daniel O’ Roark is a cardiologist (heart specialist) in Tennessee USA. We recommend his article below.

To whet your appetite here are two astounding quotes,

“From a proper public health and epidemiological standpoint, absent massive propaganda and fear mongering, Covid 19 would not have been noticed in most areas of the country.”

“In sum, the politically disastrous situation we find ourselves in has come about, in part, by a totally inexplicable desire by our magistrates and public health officials to portray Covid 19 as a monstrous, highly contagious and virulent virus by which one places their life at risk just by being around an infected person. That this is balderdash is proven by the “eyeball test” alone.”

A Brief COVID-19 Analysis and Its Implications for the Church (Part 2)

Professor “Lockdown” steps down!

Professor Neil Ferguson, an epidemiologist with Imperial College London, has stepped down from his position with SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) after breaching the “lockdown” rules he is largely responsible for imposing on society.

It was his (and his Imperial College’s colleagues) wildly exaggerated modelling of the likely number of deaths from Covid-19 that led Prime Minister Boris Johnson to impose the draconian “lockdown.”

Now it has emerged that Neil Ferguson has not kept the over the top rules he has forced on society.

He has had two visits from his girlfriend Antonia Staats who is married, a marriage she describes as an open relationship i.e adulterous. She can commit adultery and hubby can commit adultery and they dare to call their relationship a “marriage.”

Lustful Neil Ferguson is also married but estranged from his wife so he is also an adulterer.

What a sordid mess and what wicked people.

Saddest and most disturbing of all is that the media and politicians and the general public are more concerned about Ferguson flouting his “social distancing” rules than they are about his immorality.

What does adultery matter to a society driven insane with corona-mania and corona-hysteria?

The “virus” is all that matters!

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