1980 New Mexico prison riot – a forgotten massacre

Recently the media has covered a riot at a prison in Brazil. At least 57 were killed, 16 of whom were decapitated.

Such lawlessness and horror is, sadly, not unusual among prison populations.
The perpetrators of this savagery and bloodshed are deserving of the death penalty and if prison officials are in any way culpable i.e corrupt, lazy and inhumane in their treatment of prisoners, they too should face justice.

An almost-forgotten prison riot broke out at a prison in New Mexico in 1980. It lasted two days, 2nd and 3rd February.

Inmates captured 12 prison guards and sadistically beat and sexually assaulted them.

However they unleashed the worst of their fury on other inmates, targeting in particular those who were (or were thought to be) “snitches” i.e informers.

At least 33 inmates were murdered. Many of the victims were tortured before death or tortured to death and most of these devilish crimes were carried out by a self-styled “execution” squad.

The “informers” were housed in cell block 4 which also housed the mentally ill and those convicted of sex crimes or otherwise vulnerable.

Cell block 4 had 96 prisoners. 12 of the 96, believed to be informers, were tortured and murdered.

One of the victims in Cell block 4 was Mario Urioste age 28. He was jailed for shoplifting and originally placed in a violent unit where he was gang-raped by seven inmates.

Why was he placed in a violent unit? What kind of prison officials would do such a thing?

He filed a lawsuit against the rapists and was moved to Cell block 4 “for his own protection.”

He suffered a terrible death at the hands of the “execution” squad.

Most of these appalling crimes carried out by rioting inmates went unpunished.

Those devils literally got away with murder.

Every last one of those killers should have faced a firing squad.


Louise Porton – embodiment of the sexual revolution

Louise Porton is a sex-crazed murderess. She murdered her two young children because they “got in the way of her sex life.”

This slut should be executed, but as the liberal British establishment are soft on crime and have no intention of restoring the death penalty she will probably receive a “life” sentence which of course rarely means what it says i.e she will die in prison.

Her obsession with illicit sex fuelled her murderous desire to get rid of her little children.

Most young women today are just like her in that they are sexually promiscuous and this is the lifestyle impressed upon men and women today by sexual revolutionaries such as sex maniac Alfred Kinsey, and more recently, the Family Planning Association and Brook Advisory Clinics.

Mercifully most of these sex-obsessed individuals do not resort to murder, nevertheless their lifestyle is destructive to themselves in particular and to society in general.

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When the wicked seize a city (Belfast)

The annual display of depravity and the grotesque i.e “gay” pride will take place in Belfast today, and for the first time the rainbow flag will be flown from Belfast City Hall.


This wicked mob will strut about raising their puny arms of rebellion against a holy and righteous God who declares their wicked lifestyle and activity as an abomination and not only in the Old Testament of the Bible but also in the New Testament.

The LGBT lobby could never have taken over society if Evangelical churches and Pastors/Ministers had publicly opposed the sexual revolution when it began in the 1960’s and, as God’s watchmen, warned lawmakers and society in general that God forbids all forms of sexual immorality and will punish those who engage in it, and those who facilitate it by “framing mischief by a law” i.e legalise wickedness .

Cowardly and silent and/or compromising Pastors/Ministers are (mostly) to blame for the sexual anarchy and decadent society all around us today.

Few (if any) Pastors/Ministers call for the re-criminalisation of homosexuality and none that we know of call for “gay” pride parades to be banned.

These demands were part of my manifesto when I stood for election in Northern Ireland.

Did any Pastor/Minister publicly stand with me and endorse my Biblical views?


Some Evangelical Christians will protest against “gay” pride in Belfast today and I commend them and am glad there is a protest, but a protest once a year will not restrain the LGBT juggernaut.

Pastors/Ministers must do more. They must take the battle to the enemy all year round.

Will they do so?

Probably not!


Insightful and perceptive posts penned by late Lawrence Auster

Lawrence Auster had a website called View from the Right until his death in 2013. His articles can still be read on his website today.

Here are links to two and more may follow. Though penned some years ago, they are very up-to-date and come with striking clarity.

“Modern people as “Eloi”  http://www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/001148.html

“Black and other non-white violence against whites: a grim collection”  http://www.amnation.com/vfr/archives/011157.html

Disclaimer – Whilst we agree with many of Mr.Auster’s views, we cannot state that we agree with all of them for the simple reason that we do not know his views on every subject!


“Inquisitor General” Piers Morgan mistreats courageous Christian doctor

Wicked despicable Piers Morgan’s behaviour towards Dr. David Mackereth in this video is appalling and the behaviour of his co-host is no better.

Dr.Mackereth is a Christian and he has taken a very costly (career-wise) and courageous stand by refusing to use “preferred pronouns” i.e he would not refer to a man as “she” nor a woman as “he.”

Oh for more Christian doctors like Dr Mackereth.

During the “interview”, Piers Morgan demonstrated that he is Biblically illiterate e.g he stated that the Bible teaches that anyone who looks at another in a sinful manner must stone himself to death!

The “red herrings” (shellfish) introduced into the interrogation by a studio guest (a man dressed as a woman) and the hostility shown towards the longsuffering doctor, coupled with the spiritual dimness of all three “Inquisitor Generals” in the studio is shocking and chilling.

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