The adulterous Pastor and his scarlet women

The late Pastor/Minister Rev.Iain D.Campbell who died in January this year (he committed suicide) lived a double life, and the “holier than thou” mask he wore was a cover for the real Iain D.Campbell who has been unmasked as an adulterer.

After his death, his wife accused him of committing adultery with seven women!

His church, Point Free Church of Scotland on the isle of Lewis, conducted a thorough investigation into these serious allegations, and the investigation reinforced the claims that the Minister did commit adultery with three women in the church.

His widow has called on the church to put these women out of the church for adultery but this does not appear to have happened. The “discipline” meted out to these wicked adulteresses is nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

The Apostle Paul told the Corinthian church to “put away” a wicked immoral person from among them. The elders in Point Free Church of Scotland obviously pride themselves on having a more “caring” approach to the adulteresses in their midst. One wretch has been suspended from Communion for one year. Two other wretches were reprimanded (publicly or privately is unclear) and a fourth was exonerated.

Why do these church authorities downplay the seriousness of adultery when it was a death penalty offence in the Old Testament and is still illegal in 21 American states? It is a heinous sin and those three scarlet women should be put out of the church in disgrace and warned to repent of their wickedness.

By the way, if these scarlet women are married, their husbands have a Biblical right to divorce them.

The widow of the adulterous Minister was shunned by some of the congregation/locals who, it seems, would have preferred to keep the scandal quiet. In the book of Joshua in the Old Testament we read of Achan who took of the accursed thing (a Babylonish garment) which he was forbidden to do, just as the late Minister was forbidden to commit adultery but took of the “forbidden fruit” regardless. Achan’s sin was exposed and he died for it and the whole camp of Israel was troubled and militarily defeated all because of one man’s sin.

The “sin in the camp” in Point Free Church of Scotland has been exposed but the punishment does not fit the sin/crime.

Put these women out, Point Free Church, lest a little leaven leaven the whole lump.

We expect our Gospel preachers to be morally pure (as does the watching world) and when we hear that a Pastor/Minister is an adulterer, it is shocking, and such revelations give ammunition to God’s enemies to blaspheme and mock Christians who are seen as hypocrites of the highest order.

Adultery is very easy to avoid when one fears God, and the consequences of breaking His commandments. In the case of Iain D. Campbell, he preached against sin publicly whilst privately delighting in it.
Did he really think he would get away with breaking the seventh commandment multiple times? He knows better now!

Be sure your sin will find you out.

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Christian apologists should major on truth not error

Christian apologists like Dr. James White should major on truth not error. He should not be a student of Islam so he can better “understand Muslims and represent their beliefs to the world.”

He is not a Press Officer for Islam!

Major on truth Dr.White, you don’t need to spend hours studying Islam or Mormonism or Roman Catholicism etc  to know that these religions are in error and false.

Some knowledge of other religions is necessary to assist our witnessing efforts but we don’t need to become “students of error” to win souls.

Major on (Biblical) truth Dr.White, not error.


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Evangelical Christians persecuted at London sodomite parade

We commend our courageous Christian brothers and sisters who opposed the sodomite
juggernaut on the streets of London on the 8th July.

It is increasingly dangerous to publicly oppose these abnormal and depraved hordes, but, as the hymn writer put it “Let courage rise with danger and strength to strength oppose.”

Persecution of Bible-believing Christians is real (as this video clearly shows) and it will intensify before the second coming of Christ.

Truly the end is nigh.

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More about Dr.James White and the Sheikh of Araby

Following Dr.James White’s “Interfaith Dialogue” with Muslim Iman Yasir Qadhi in January this year and for which he has been widely criticised, including by us (see our previous post “Of James White, Yasir Qadhi and Monty Python…”) it appears that he has dug in his heels, dismissed his critics legitimate concerns and made it clear that he fully intends to engage in yet more “dialogues” with Yasir Qadhi.

Yasir Qadhi (full name Abu Ammaar Yasir Qadhi) is a Sheikh, which is an honorific title in the Arabic language, and an Imam which is an Islamic leadership position.

He was born in the USA but moved to Saudi Arabia when aged 5.

He returned to America after graduating from high school and at the age of 17, he became influenced by the Salafi teacher Ali al-Tamini. Salafism is an ultra-conservative reform branch or movement within Sunni Islam. Jihadi Salafi groups include Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab.

Qadhi returned to Saudi Arabia in 1996 (hence our labelling him the Sheikh of Araby,) and he was there, working and studying for 9 years, returning to America in 2005.

The Salafi teacher who influenced him, Ali al-Tamini, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2005 in the UK for inciting terrorism.

In 2010, Yasir Qadhi stated that jailbird al-Tamini “played an instrumental role in shaping and directing me to take the path that has led me to where I am today.” (end of quote)

And this is the man that Dr. James White intends to engage in future “dialogues” with!


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C of E says “Welcome to your new life as a man/woman” (what about cat/woman and dog/man etc……

The nutty Church of England voted overwhelmingly recently in favour of welcoming transsexuals to their “new identity” and are considering church services to “celebrate” this madness.

What will these foolish clergymen do when one of their male parishioners states that he identifies as a dog or a goat or a female churchgoer states that she identifies as a cat?

A man who believes he is a woman is mentally disordered and so are human beings who believe they are cats or dogs.

Instead of helping such people find deliverance from such madness, the nutty Church of England is accepting of and perpetuating this insanity.

To any true Christian still in that apostate denomination, we say, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partaker of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Revelation ch.18 v.4.

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UK Parliament is now officially pro-“gay”

This is a day for mourning for those who believe the Bible and its description of sodomy as an abomination, because the UK Parliament is now complicit with those who wish to silence all opposition to that wicked lifestyle, by permitting the Palace of Westminster to be lit up in rainbow colours to “celebrate”  tomorrow’s London Pride (the annual parade of the deviant, obscene and macabre.)

The Palace of Westminster contains the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament of the UK.

This means that the powers-that-be, who are duty-bound to rule in the fear of God are now, collectively, defying Almighty God, the Judge of all the earth!

Woe unto you Parliamentarians, you invoke the wrath of an offended God. You will reap a bitter harvest.

May God help and protect those of us who refuse to bow down to the sodomite beast for we face a terrifying enemy.

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