Anthony Halliday, stop hounding Mrs Farrow

Caroline Farrow is a courageous Catholic wife and mother of five children. Earlier this year she commented on a story about a 16 year old boy who had “sex-reassignment” surgery in Thailand.

She described such procedures as “castration” and “mutilation.”

She is absolutely right.

The mother of the boy referred to above accused Mrs.Farrow of “misgendering” her son i.e using masculine pronouns instead of the biologically denying pronouns the wicked mother desired to hear i.e “she” or “her.”

The case against Mrs.Farrow was eventually dropped by the boy’s mother only to be taken up by a man called Anthony Halliday a “transsexual” activist who also wants to be called by a female name!

Not on this blog Mr. Halliday!

He is hounding and tormenting Mrs Farrow and her family and on 15th October 2019 she has to appear in court and face a judge and this vicious cross-dresser Anthony Halliday and he is demanding that she pay him thousands of pounds AND be sent to prison.

We stand with Caroline Farrow and we hope that the only person going to prison is nasty Anthony for his vicious and wicked campaign of harassment against Mrs Farrow and her family.

Keep Caroline Farrow out of prison!

3 thoughts on “Anthony Halliday, stop hounding Mrs Farrow

  1. I wish I could go and support Caroline Farrow. I’ll be pleased if you and others do. I’d be encouraging would-be supporters to go, except that you haven’t told your readers which court to go to though, at what time, to support Caroline themselves.

    Unfortunately, the day sister Caroline is in court I have to be in court myself, probably somewhere else – Birmingham. (I might be able to skive off my trial if Ms Farrow’s hearing is in Birmingham too.)
    5th October happens to be the second day of five days that my own trial will last.

    Mine is a court case in which I am defending the freedom of speech to criticise on social media primary school LGBT teachers, even at the risk of being accused of offending them or abusing them contrary to the injunction the council is seeking, which I am opposing, and sent to prison for that contempt of court. The other defendants are Muslims who protest outside the school concerned.

    The case is Birmingham City Council v Shakeel Afsar, Rosina Afsar, Amir Ahmed, Persons Unknown and John Allman. More details on my blog.

    • We live in Northern Ireland so it is not practical for us to attend the court case. Our readers can do their own research to find the times and location of the court case. Please refer to Caroline Farrow as “Mrs” not “Ms.” She is a married lady after all. We do not use the title “Ms” at all. Women are either Miss or Mrs and nothing else. We wish you well in your court case but personally we would not make an alliance with Muslims.

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