Adrianne Peltz defrauds animal charity

South African mischief-maker Adrianne Peltz has lived in Northern Ireland for several years.

We have exposed this woman in the past (see our post below) because she is pro-abortion and an all-round “do-badder!”

She has a high profile in Northern Ireland as a campaigner for (mostly) left wing causes.

She had a higher profile than she would have liked this past Thursday when she had a “starring” role in the dock of Ballymena Magistrates Court and admitted defrauding an animal charity (the Dogs Trust) to the tune of £5,393!

The BBC have been silent regarding the disgrace of one of their favourite left-wing “pets” i.e Miss Peltz as they often sought her out as a commentator, stating that they have “no comment” to make regarding her future as a commentator.

Adrianne Peltz is a common thief and there is no honour among thieves.

She supposedly cared about dogs yet couldn’t resist “putting her hand in the till.”

She obviously was not genuine in her “care” for dogs but when it comes to the unborn child, she doesn’t even make a pretence to care for them.

She campaigns for their destruction.

What an evil woman!

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