1980 New Mexico prison riot – a forgotten massacre

Recently the media has covered a riot at a prison in Brazil. At least 57 were killed, 16 of whom were decapitated.

Such lawlessness and horror is, sadly, not unusual among prison populations.
The perpetrators of this savagery and bloodshed are deserving of the death penalty and if prison officials are in any way culpable i.e corrupt, lazy and inhumane in their treatment of prisoners, they too should face justice.

An almost-forgotten prison riot broke out at a prison in New Mexico in 1980. It lasted two days, 2nd and 3rd February.

Inmates captured 12 prison guards and sadistically beat and sexually assaulted them.

However they unleashed the worst of their fury on other inmates, targeting in particular those who were (or were thought to be) “snitches” i.e informers.

At least 33 inmates were murdered. Many of the victims were tortured before death or tortured to death and most of these devilish crimes were carried out by a self-styled “execution” squad.

The “informers” were housed in cell block 4 which also housed the mentally ill and those convicted of sex crimes or otherwise vulnerable.

Cell block 4 had 96 prisoners. 12 of the 96, believed to be informers, were tortured and murdered.

One of the victims in Cell block 4 was Mario Urioste age 28. He was jailed for shoplifting and originally placed in a violent unit where he was gang-raped by seven inmates.

Why was he placed in a violent unit? What kind of prison officials would do such a thing?

He filed a lawsuit against the rapists and was moved to Cell block 4 “for his own protection.”

He suffered a terrible death at the hands of the “execution” squad.

Most of these appalling crimes carried out by rioting inmates went unpunished.

Those devils literally got away with murder.

Every last one of those killers should have faced a firing squad.


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