The Free Presbyterian “elephant in the room!”

On Sunday past Arlene Foster attended a Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) football match in Clones in the Irish Republic.

The GAA  has Irish Nationalist/Republican sympathies and has a penchant for naming some of its clubs after IRA terrorists.

She was accompanied on this shameful occasion by her fellow DUP MLA Christopher Stalford.

On 13th May this year Christopher Stalford and his wife had their new baby dedicated to God at the Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church in Belfast.

The Dedication service, which took place at the end of the morning service, was conducted by Rev Ian Brown, Minister of Martyrs Memorial.

So it appears that Mr.Stalford is a member of the Free Presbyterian Church.

In May this year the FPC had a protest outside a rugby ground because a match was played on the Lord’s Day.

Yet a few weeks later Christopher Stalford attends a football match on a Sunday with the DUP leader Arlene Foster!

Rev Brian McClung has posted on his blog about the protest in May AND about Arlene Foster’s attendance at the GAA match, but strangely he fails to mention that Mrs.Foster was accompanied by Christopher Stalford.

Stalford is the “elephant in the room” as far as Rev. McClung is concerned.

It appears that Mr.Stalford’s transgression (and it is a serious transgression) will be ignored, overlooked or downplayed.

In other words, he will not be disciplined by his church.

Another Free Presbyterian to add to the list of offenders who go unpunished and that list includes adulterers, compromisers and now, Sabbath desecrators!

One thought on “The Free Presbyterian “elephant in the room!”

  1. Christopher and Arlene are showing true Christian spirit in their outreach. I cannot see God condemning them for their efforts to make NI a better place.
    They are to be lauded and congratulated, and have been so by the vast majority of the Northern Irish population.

    Their spirit is that which will build bridges and bring us all to a stable future living together.

    Plenty to justly condemn if you look around modern society (the economic misfortune to come with Brexit, the damage we are doing to the environment, the generation growing up with their noses stuck in tablet devices and phones…) but the gestures of Ms Foster and Mr Stanford… no, these are not issues for anyone with any sense of proportionality.

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