DUP are now pro-medicinal marijuana (in Caldwell case)

The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) continues their accelerating drift towards liberalism with their recent support of medical cannabis (marijuana) for young Billy Caldwell who suffers from epilepsy.

Billy’s mother Charlotte Caldwell also enjoys the support of local “potheads” the pro-marijuana political party known as CISTA whose leader Barry Brown has recently opened a “Hemporium” in Omagh!

What do you think Barry is selling in his “pot” shop? Perhaps it’s pots and pans!

Barry and his ilk are using the “medical marijuana” argument to open the door to legalised pot for recreational use and Charlotte Caldwell and others who support the use of medical marijuana in certain cases are helping them to achieve their goal (wittingly or unwittingly.)

There is no consensus among doctors on the safety or otherwise of medical marijuana, the jury is still out.

I’ll end with a quote from an organisation called “Cannabis Skunk Sense” which warns about the dangers of cannabis/marijuana.

“The “scam” (medical cannabis) was started in 1979 by a pot-using American lawyer who said, “We will use the medical marijuana argument as a red herring to give pot a good name.”  end of quote

2 thoughts on “DUP are now pro-medicinal marijuana (in Caldwell case)

  1. Numerous children here in the United States get substantial release from seizure symptoms and other symptoms as a direct result of medical marijuana use. I know of one little girl who was having literally hundreds of seizures per day, and the medical marijuana trimmed that down to almost no seizures.

    Let me guess. You would rather sacrifice these children to misery and death by making all marijuana use illegal—just to prevent the recreational use of marijuana. God forbid that any person should ever get high on anything—except fundie Jesus. But hey, I do not give a flip about recreational marijuana use because I do not do illegal drugs and probably would not do so even if marijuana were legal. All I care about is the sick people it helps and maintaining their free access to medical marijuana while they are sick.

    Here is a rule recorded in the “Christian Fundamentalist Rulebook.” Maybe it sounds familiar to you, and maybe it applies to what you are doing with your anti-marijuana quest:

    “Rule No. 83—If anyone in your presence or immediate vicinity appears to be having fun, smiling, laughing, or otherwise full of happiness, move as quickly as possible to snuff it out.”

    You may read the entire list at the following safe link:


    • There is no medical consensus on the effectiveness and safety (or otherwise) of medical marijuana (cannabis.) The mother of the young boy in question is happy to be associated with the local “potheads” otherwise known as the political party CISTA NI. They are exploiting his case to bring about the legalisation of recreational marijuana. The “medical marijuana” argument is a ploy to give pot a good name.

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