Announcing a temporary break from posting

We wish to inform our readers that we are taking an indefinite break from posting on our blog.

4 thoughts on “Announcing a temporary break from posting

  1. Dear Mrs. White,
    I understand that you are having an indefinite hiatus from posting on your blog, but I hope this message reaches you. I wanted to talk to you about your recent appearance on Nolan Live (25/10/17). As a private citizen, you are entitled to freedom of religion and to hold pro-life viewpoints. I respect your opinions, even though I do not share them. I am not writing to you to criticise your views, but rather to express disappointment at the way in which you expressed them during the debate.

    In an open, democratic forum, all the participants must be given equal time to speak. You sought to dominate the conversation and shouted down all opposition from the very beginning. I understand that your beliefs are sincere and deeply held, but two of the women on the panel had undergone one of the most difficult and traumatic experiences a woman can endure, and your choice of language and tone was insensitive. When discussing a subject as emotive as abortion, it is never appropriate to direct personal attacks at people or ask them to divulge private, intimate details about their own experiences.

    The world is a more complex, complicated and compromised place than you perhaps can understand, and people are sometimes faced with unimaginably difficult decisions. You stated that the Bible gives you the right to be judgemental, but surely as a Christian you are called to show compassion for people who find themselves in such a position.

    If you are invited to participate in a debate again, I would ask that you moderate your tone and show respect for the views of others, even if they do not align with your own. It is not beneficial to live in an echo chamber where you refuse to acknowledge any dissenting or opposing voices. Other people present in the studio, both on the panel and in the audience, shared your point of view, but the way in which you voiced it made it difficult for people to consider any possible merits of your arguments.

    I have sent you what I believe to be a respectful and polite message, and I would very much welcome a reply from you in a similar spirit, should you wish to respond to any of my comments.

    Best wishes.


    • Thank you for your comment Emma. I appreciate the time you have taken to make your views known. It seems to me that regardless of the tone of one’s utterances, if one holds views that are not PC and liberal/left-wing, one will be mocked and ridiculed. I have observed that the other two pro-life speakers on the panel have come in for almost as much criticism as me, despite the fact that their tone and attitude was probably more to your liking. I do not overly concern myself with my tone of voice or what others will think of me. I am glad of any opportunity afforded me to share my Biblical views despite the fact that some may invite me to do so simply because my views are considered controversial and will trigger a hostile reaction. I do not set out to trigger hostility but I know from experience that that is exactly what will happen when I articulate my views without apology and without wavering. That is all I have to say. Best wishes to you Emma.

  2. Dear Mrs. White,

    Thank you for replying to me. I am glad to have had the opportunity to have a reasoned and civilised dialogue with you. I understand that our opinions will always diverge – and I have not come here to persuade you to adopt my viewpoint – but I hope we will both always remember to articulate ourselves respectfully.

    Best wishes.

  3. P.S, Just a final comment about some suggested listening/reading. I understand that you do not consider yourself to be a liberal, but I wondered if you were aware of the work of Dave Rubin or Christina Hoff Sommers? The former hosts a web show called ‘The Rubin Report’, on which he often discusses his frustration with the modern left, while the latter is a very common sense feminist scholar who disagrees with much of the anti-male sentiment of modern feminists. She has made a series on Youtube called ‘The Factual Feminist’, in which she addresses some common misconceptions about gender issues.

    There is a multitude of material about both online, should any of it be of interest to you. If not, that is of course fine, but I thought I would suggest it regardless, as you may find that not everyone on the left is as radical and dogmatic in their thinking as some of the people who have ridiculed you.

    Best wishes to you.


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