Pastor John MacArthur says it’s OK to bake cake for “gays”!!!

Watch this video and hear Dr.John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in California answer the question below,

Question is posed at 1 minute 32 seconds but we urge our readers to watch video from the beginning.


“Is it truly sinful for a Christian business person, for instance, a cake-baker, to produce a product for a “gay” wedding?” (Note please that the questioner used the word “business person” instead of “businessman.” Obviously he was afraid of offending Feminists. How cowardly and pathetic.)

John MacArthur responded with, “No it’s not sinful for a cake-maker to make a cake for a “gay” wedding…….”

Then MacArthur went on to equate baking a cake for two sodomites “gay wedding” with serving a meal to homosexuals sitting in a restaurant.

How foolish! There is no comparison! Serving a meal to homosexuals in a restaurant is in no way comparable to baking a cake for a homosexual “wedding.”

In the latter example, a Christian is being asked to legitimise sodomy and sodomite “unions” and if a Christian baker agrees to such a request, he or she becomes a “partaker of other men’s sins.”

This is not the case when a Christian restauranteur serves a meal to homosexuals in his restaurant.

John MacArthur’s response was shocking and a downright disgrace and we call on him to repent of his terrible compromise, and that publicly, and then support persecuted Christian bakers and florists who at this moment are suffering in the USA and Northern Ireland for refusing to endorse wicked sodomite couplings.

With “friends” like John MacArthur, who needs enemies!

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