Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter lit up in rainbow colours (not wise Ken)

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis creation ministry has lit up the huge replica of Noah’s Ark in rainbow colours, and his reason for so doing is to “take the rainbow back for God.”

The bow in the cloud (rainbow) assuredly does belong to God, nevertheless we believe that it is unwise for Ken Ham to do what he has done because he is “muddying the waters” and may sow confusion.

The rainbow flag is so identified with the LGBT lobby that it is now unwise to associate oneself and one’s ministry with rainbow colours.

Many buildings throughout the world have been lit up in rainbow colours to “celebrate” the LGBT lobby and their “Pride” parades, including Belfast City Hall, and it is deeply disturbing to see the near global capitulation to this dangerous agenda.

Why does the Ark have to be lit up in rainbow colours, albeit to make a spiritual point?

Sometimes even wholesome things can have an “appearance of evil.”

A US media source called USA Today had this headline on 22/7/17 (take note Ken Ham)

“Ark Encounter thrills gay community with rainbow light display.”

Another media outlet called the Lexington Herald Leader had this headline on 21/7/17,

“The Ark Encounter has a new rainbow look. LGBTQ community on Twitter approves.”

One twitter user said, “That is absolute gayest boat.”

Another said, “Awesome pride float.”

These tweets and headlines should cause Ken Ham to consider if he has acted wisely in this matter.

One thought on “Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter lit up in rainbow colours (not wise Ken)

  1. Why don’t we look at it this way: the rainbow is eternally associated with God’s promise not to destroy the earth via flood again. A certain temporal modern movement has hijacked this & a sincere individual who loves God’s Word wants to re-associate it with its Scriptural meaning. What is unwise about that?

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