Planned Parenthood, Josef Mengele and the Third Reich

The babykillers of Planned Parenthood and their sister organisations in the UK i.e BPAS, Marie Stopes and the FPA are the present day heirs of the bloodthirsty savage “Dr.” Josef Mengele (see link below.)

These wicked organisations should be on trial for murder and we believe the sentence imposed on them should be death.

In 2012 the baby killing Marie Stopes organisation opened in Belfast and is still open today.

Marie Stopes was very taken with mass murderer Adolf Hitler and sent poems to him!

We have a placard which we display when we protest outside Marie Stopes in Belfast and it contains these words,  “Marie Stopes, Hitler and the Third Reich.”

The ideology of the Nazi’s lives on in the global abortion industry.

The torments of hell await all such!

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