1969 study on “Tattoos and relationship to personality disorders”

In our present society, tattoos are like a “fashion statement” and frighteningly popular.

Despite their popularity, tattoos are a manifestation of a decadent, ugly, and rebellious society, along with body piercings, torn jeans and provocative clothing.

Yet, we have seen nose rings on preacher’s daughters and we know of at least one well known male Christian speaker who recently got a tattoo.


Some Christians got tattoos before they were converted to Christ and they should have them removed if possible, or covered up up if not (assuming they can be covered up.)

No Christian should get a tattoo after their conversion nor should Christians have nose rings or any other rings on their faces.

Rings are for fingers, not faces.

Christians should never be seen in torn jeans either and they should never dress immodestly.

This should be obvious!

The study below investigates the relationship between tattoos and personality disorders,  and, although it is an old study, it reflects the (worse) situation that prevails in the present day.


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