The adulterous Pastor and his scarlet women

The late Pastor/Minister Rev.Iain D.Campbell who died in January this year (he committed suicide) lived a double life, and the “holier than thou” mask he wore was a cover for the real Iain D.Campbell who has been unmasked as an adulterer.

After his death, his wife accused him of committing adultery with seven women!

His church, Point Free Church of Scotland on the isle of Lewis, conducted a thorough investigation into these serious allegations, and the investigation reinforced the claims that the Minister did commit adultery with three women in the church.

His widow has called on the church to put these women out of the church for adultery but this does not appear to have happened. The “discipline” meted out to these wicked adulteresses is nothing more than a slap on the wrist.

The Apostle Paul told the Corinthian church to “put away” a wicked immoral person from among them. The elders in Point Free Church of Scotland obviously pride themselves on having a more “caring” approach to the adulteresses in their midst. One wretch has been suspended from Communion for one year. Two other wretches were reprimanded (publicly or privately is unclear) and a fourth was exonerated.

Why do these church authorities downplay the seriousness of adultery when it was a death penalty offence in the Old Testament and is still illegal in 21 American states? It is a heinous sin and those three scarlet women should be put out of the church in disgrace and warned to repent of their wickedness.

By the way, if these scarlet women are married, their husbands have a Biblical right to divorce them.

The widow of the adulterous Minister was shunned by some of the congregation/locals who, it seems, would have preferred to keep the scandal quiet. In the book of Joshua in the Old Testament we read of Achan who took of the accursed thing (a Babylonish garment) which he was forbidden to do, just as the late Minister was forbidden to commit adultery but took of the “forbidden fruit” regardless. Achan’s sin was exposed and he died for it and the whole camp of Israel was troubled and militarily defeated all because of one man’s sin.

The “sin in the camp” in Point Free Church of Scotland has been exposed but the punishment does not fit the sin/crime.

Put these women out, Point Free Church, lest a little leaven leaven the whole lump.

We expect our Gospel preachers to be morally pure (as does the watching world) and when we hear that a Pastor/Minister is an adulterer, it is shocking, and such revelations give ammunition to God’s enemies to blaspheme and mock Christians who are seen as hypocrites of the highest order.

Adultery is very easy to avoid when one fears God, and the consequences of breaking His commandments. In the case of Iain D. Campbell, he preached against sin publicly whilst privately delighting in it.
Did he really think he would get away with breaking the seventh commandment multiple times? He knows better now!

Be sure your sin will find you out.

6 thoughts on “The adulterous Pastor and his scarlet women

    • Two quotes for you Mr.Allman. Daily Mail online states, “…but even before he was buried, Mrs.Campbell began accusing him of adultery.” The Rev. James MacIver, one of the Ministers who investigated the late Minister’s conduct said, “….we knew nothing till after he had died and it was the family who brought accusations to the Presbytery.” It appears that Mrs.Campbell may have had her suspicions before her husband’s death but did not accuse him to church authorities until after his death. Now Mr.Allman, what is your point in asking the question you posed in your comment?

  1. Better leave that church to worry about its own affairs – literally – surely?

    Specsavers just called with the test results and the scans say there might be a mote in your collective eyes worthy of attention more urgently…

    • The Bible has already judged adultery to be an extremely serious sin. Evangelical churches, in general, do not seem to view adultery as the heinous sin it is. We cannot condemn sodomy yet treat adultery lightly. Both sodomy and adultery and murder were considered capital offences in the Old Testament i.e the penalty was death and in the New Testament these three sins are still considered extremely serious sins although only one i.e murder is still to be punished by the death penalty according to the New Testament. There are some sins that shouldn’t even be mentioned among Christians and adultery is one of them. Evangelical churches should deal severely with such sins by putting the guilty out of the church until they repent. We are totally unmoved and unconcerned by and about your silly “specsavers” remark.

  2. you say “The Bible has already judged adultery to be an extremely serious sin”, is there any sin that is not [[ extremely serious ]] if it denies you and eternity of heaven, all sin does that. how can you suggest one sin is more serious than another?

    • It is true that all sin is serious and that those who do not accept the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ, which provided divine judicial satisfaction for the sins of repentant sinners, will perish eternally in hell. However it is also true that some sins have consequences in this life that are devastating so all sins are not the same in that sense. If a schoolboy steals a pencil from a supermarket, it is much less serious than an armed robber who steals thousands from a bank. However all theft is sin.

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