Evangelical Christians persecuted at London sodomite parade

We commend our courageous Christian brothers and sisters who opposed the sodomite
juggernaut on the streets of London on the 8th July.

It is increasingly dangerous to publicly oppose these abnormal and depraved hordes, but, as the hymn writer put it “Let courage rise with danger and strength to strength oppose.”

Persecution of Bible-believing Christians is real (as this video clearly shows) and it will intensify before the second coming of Christ.

Truly the end is nigh.

2 thoughts on “Evangelical Christians persecuted at London sodomite parade

  1. Those Evangelicals would have been wiser to stay away. I can’t imagine they converted many that day when, like so many street preachers, the method of delivery is in error. It just won’t work.

    But I applaud Christians who do witness in far more productive and compassionate ways to the LGBT community. The above, it seems, was only designed to antagonise and spread enmity. It’s certainly not how the Good News message should be spread.

    And yet I think those Christians probably thought they had done a good day’s work, when nothing could be further from the truth. Or the Truth.

    • You have nothing to say about the threatening and disgusting behaviour of those homosexuals, so do we conclude that you are “ok” with women kissing women etc, and obscene gestures, and the acting out (by the tattooed sodomite near the end of video) of the hideous act of sodomy?

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