C of E says “Welcome to your new life as a man/woman” (what about cat/woman and dog/man etc……

The nutty Church of England voted overwhelmingly recently in favour of welcoming transsexuals to their “new identity” and are considering church services to “celebrate” this madness.

What will these foolish clergymen do when one of their male parishioners states that he identifies as a dog or a goat or a female churchgoer states that she identifies as a cat?

A man who believes he is a woman is mentally disordered and so are human beings who believe they are cats or dogs.

Instead of helping such people find deliverance from such madness, the nutty Church of England is accepting of and perpetuating this insanity.

To any true Christian still in that apostate denomination, we say, “Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partaker of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.” Revelation ch.18 v.4.

7 thoughts on “C of E says “Welcome to your new life as a man/woman” (what about cat/woman and dog/man etc……

  1. This is not the worst of it. Identifying as trans, is simply living a fiction. Affirming that is complicity. Whom might this fiction deceive? Anybody, including those with most to lose if successfully deceived: prospective spouses.

    In the Gender Recognition Act, Her Majesty has become an accomplice even to this most heinous deception.

    Please read this blog post and its linked-to legal papers and press releases:
    Should a bloke be allowed to know if his “girlfriend” is also a bloke?
    in order to learn about an unsuccessful legal challenge to the Gender Recognition Act in 2005, which only the Metro and British Church Newspaper reported. It is time to revisit the questions addressed in that case. People are beginning at last to realise what has been done, and just how nasty it is.

  2. Hi Susan Anne,
    Isn’t it stretching it a bit too far to think that human beings are going to think of themselves as goats or dogs? It seems highly implausible to think that Anglican theologians will support this type of thinking.

    It’s okay to promote heterosexual marriage. After all, 95 to 97% of humans are attracted to the opposite sex. Only about 3% are same sex oriented and about 2% are bisexual.

    By all means continue to promote heterosexual marriage’ but I can’t see how also allowing same-sex marriage will lead to wholesale “depravity”. Heterosexuals should not engage in homosexual acts as this is repugnant. But homosexuals don’t find it repugnant. Maybe I’m mistaken, but if compassion, healing-mercy and loving kindness were our guide, how would granting same-sex marriage destroy society?

    • No, it is taking such madness to its predictable conclusion. Soon society will validate and legally protect virtually all delusional “identities.” I have already answered your question about “same-sex marriage” in my lengthy comment to you on 7th July. Please read it.

      • I think the scenario of declaring it to be a human right to be treated as a goat, or a dog, if one self-identifies as someone who believes himself to be a goat or a dog, takes the transgender policy to its LOGICAL conclusion. However, in the short term, such a conclusion of the present madness isn’t PREDICTABLE. To that extent, John Arthur is right on that point, not you, Mr and Mrs Right.

        We might not live to see the day when somebody is so psychotic that he or she believes himself or herself to be a goat or a dog, but is nevertheless sufficiently compos mentis to take legal action, demanding whatever rights he or she would be entitled to as a goat or a dog, but is denied, as a mere human.

        • Sometimes Mr.Allman, we wonder if you are friend or foe! By the way, our surname is “White” not “Right.” Did you mistakenly call us Mr.& Mrs.Right or was this your attempt at sarcasm? We are right in our views that the clamour for transsexual “rights” will lead to demands that society recognise the “rights” of people who think they are dogs, cats, goats etc. There are people who presently (today) believe they should have been born cats or dogs. They will soon demand that society recognises and celebrates their “trans-speciesism. Some of these people are already claiming that refusal to accept them is a “hate crime.”

          • I called you Mr and Mrs Right by accident. Sorry.

            I think trangenderism is wrong, because it is a harmful deceit that mocks an aspect of humanity – sexuality – that is linked in scripture with way in which man is related to God. See:

            Should a bloke be allowed to know if his “girlfriend” (or “bride”) is also a bloke?

            In Genesis, two ideas are juxtaposed, not (I think) accidentally. “God made man in his own image. Male and female created he them.”

            And the Church is the “Bride” of the Lord Jesus Christ.

            I am not convinced that transpecism will become a big thng, but I agree with the analogy you make. Does that make me a friend or a foe?

          • You have already given the above link to the post on your blog in one of your previous comments and I have read it, plus some of the details of the case you brought against the Government. You have already lived to see the day when people who think they should have been born an animal are claiming their “rights” and are using the label “hate speech” to describe views that reject such madness. The trans-species lobby may remain small but so were the LGBT lobby originally and look at the mayhem they have wrought in society.

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