UK Parliament is now officially pro-“gay”

This is a day for mourning for those who believe the Bible and its description of sodomy as an abomination, because the UK Parliament is now complicit with those who wish to silence all opposition to that wicked lifestyle, by permitting the Palace of Westminster to be lit up in rainbow colours to “celebrate”  tomorrow’s London Pride (the annual parade of the deviant, obscene and macabre.)

The Palace of Westminster contains the House of Commons and the House of Lords, the two houses of the Parliament of the UK.

This means that the powers-that-be, who are duty-bound to rule in the fear of God are now, collectively, defying Almighty God, the Judge of all the earth!

Woe unto you Parliamentarians, you invoke the wrath of an offended God. You will reap a bitter harvest.

May God help and protect those of us who refuse to bow down to the sodomite beast for we face a terrifying enemy.

5 thoughts on “UK Parliament is now officially pro-“gay”

  1. The Bible also says its is an abomination for a person to eat their meals with gentiles. With the exception of a few Jewish Brits here and there, all you Brits just quit eating meals with each other. It offends God!!!

  2. It doesn’t occur to you for a single moment, does it? that it might be you who is mistaken about anything. Whatever the subject is (homosexuality, feminism, cannabis, Race For Life, jogging machines, torn jeans, pop music) you, Susan Anne White, are 100% right.

    • Back again to make mischief LulaB/Sheila Hamilton! You will see that most of your offensive comment has been deleted. Before we bid you goodbye (because you have just made your last comment on our blog and any further comment from you will be deleted without a moment’s thought) yes I am right 100% right in my views on the subjects you mention in your comment, with the exception of “jogging machines” because I don’t know what a jogging machine is, so I would not have commented on it. Now begone and make a nuisance of yourself somewhere else.

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