Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools…..(Romans 1 v. 22)

Modern (mis)education is a hotbed of anarchy and the sexual revolution.  With few exceptions, schools and Universities educate the deluded masses with lessons in depravity.

One of the educational establishment’s dupes paraded her foolishness for all to see last Saturday, when, during the graduation ceremony at Queen’s University Belfast, she unfurled a rainbow flag and then draped it over her shoulder.

Predictably, she received lots of support from other “useful idiots” via twitter.

These “useful idiots” are obviously also found in the top echelons of academia, because, according to the graduating student in question, Ciara Cinnamond, she heard nothing but cheers and applause, and she received personal congratulations afterwards from the “honorary graduand of the day, Professor Lesley Yellowlees.”

Here is a link to a short video of “rainbow warrior” Ciara Cinnamond. We hope the link works.

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