Sodomites on the march again (in Belfast)

The LGBTQ….deviants and their allies were on the streets of Belfast (again) last Saturday as they rallied around the “cause” of homosexual “marriage” (an oxymoron.)

It appears that Belfast has thousands of sexual deviants and sexual anarchists!

The speakers at the bizarre, depraved event included Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty NI, John O’Doherty of the vile Rainbow Project and some actress (unknown to us) called Bronagh Waugh.

The LGBTQ…lobby and their allies are dangerous, make no mistake about that.

Listen to the words of sodomite John O’Doherty on the video below and if his words do not alarm you, you must be sleepwalking through life.

Here is a quote from his rant,

“And when we win this battle, do not think that we are done. We will be here again, our campaign will continue because while equal marriage matters, it’s not everything because this campaign is not just about changing the law, we are about changing the world.” (end of quote)

PS  The DUP (Democratic Unionist Party) are not the uncompromising hardliners that the LGBTQ lobby portray them to be.  They should be uncompromising and hardline against evil but they are not. The DUP went along with the lifting of the ban on homosexuals giving blood and they agreed with pardons given to men convicted of gross indecency (sodomy) when homosexuality was still illegal. The DUP are also liberalising their views on abortion.

13 thoughts on “Sodomites on the march again (in Belfast)

  1. You should be very ashamed of yourself!
    Before you start attacking and insulting someone else, take a good look at yourself. Is your soul sparkly clean? Do you follow the bible and god in all its commands? Including Leviticus 11:9-12? If not, then do not cast the stone.
    I am sure that your god did not intend you to be such a hateful person. And if he did, then it’s not a god worth his salt.

    • The eating of shellfish was forbidden under the Old Testament ceremonial law and this aspect of the ceremonial law was abolished and is not in force today. Homosexual activity is condemned and forbidden in both the Old and New Testaments, therefore the law against sodomy has never been abolished and is in force today.

  2. I am disgusted that someone could foster so much hate and claim to do it in the name of god.
    You follow a book which tells you to love then hate then kill then stone then dont judge no one then insult! The book is a contradiction in itself!
    If you want to follow it then why miss the parts about not wearing mixed threads?
    Why not stoning adulters to death?
    Why not eat shelfish?
    Don’t pick and chose which parts to follow and then claim to do it in the name of god!
    I am a proud gay man and as much as this disgusts and angers me it doesn’t i dont hate you, nor wish you harm instead i pity you. I pity that your narrow minded bigority fills you with hate.
    I also believe equality is coming! Gay marriage is coming! The lgbt will stand above your hate and bigority and we will do it with love, passion and in beautiful fashion! So keep your hate because its only going to eat you up.

  3. Your article lacks grace and love. These two qualities are the defining characteristic of a Christian. You are an embarrassment to my faith!

    • The Bible teaches that God hates sin and that those who love Him must likewise hate sin and evil. God is a God of wrath as well as love. The Bible says that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God, and, that knowing the terror of the Lord, we persuade men to repent of their sin and receive Christ as Saviour. The Lord Jesus is not the tolerant, non-judgemental God you think Him to be. If you believe the Bible, you MUST condemn homosexual activity as the abomination it is and seek to deliver those trapped in it’s destructive grip. You do that by telling them the truth. Forget your “lovey-dovey” approach. It is useless.

  4. Hi Susan Anne,
    Do you think that same-sex oriented persons should be executed if they engage in same -sex relationships? Why? Are you an OT Christian or a NT Christian? Does Jesus endorse capital punishment for same-sex oriented persons?

    Wasn’t capital punishment applied to adultery in the OT? Why did Jesus not recommend it be applied to the woman caught in the act of adultery?

    Shouldn’t love (compassion, healing-mercy and loving-kindness) trump the bible when the bible leads people into brutality?

    Modern same -sex oriented persons want to have the same rights as heterosexual persons. Why shouldn’t they have these rights? After all, a gay couple getting married won’t affect my marriage to my wife, will it? If it would, how would it do this?

    If Christians are going to use the OT to justify what appears to be barbarism, what hope is there for Christianity?

    • No, I do not believe that homosexuals who engage in sodomy should be executed but I do believe homosexual activity should be illegal because it is condemned in the New Testament just as in the Old Testament, and, as God’s law commanded the death penalty for this sin/crime in the OT, homosexual activity should still be illegal today and punished, but not by death, by imprisonment. However the death penalty for murder is still in force today and the New Testament confirms this but there are no instances of homosexuals being executed in the New Testament. Practicing homosexuals should be imprisoned and helped by Bible-believing Christian Pastors to free themselves from the destructive homosexual lifestyle. I also believe that adultery should be illegal and that adulterers should be imprisoned. Adultery is a heinous sin and the New Testament confirms this and although we do not read of adulterers being executed in the New Testament, the fact that it was a “death penalty” offence in the OT means it should still be a punishable offence today, but not punishable by death. In the Old Testament, there were at least three sins/crimes that were punishable by death and those three were adultery, homosexual activity and murder. There is no such thing as an “Old Testament Christian” and a “New Testament Christian,” the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed and the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed. A true Christian accepts both Testaments as God’s inspired Word. You mention the case of the woman taken in adultery and ask why Jesus did not recommend the death penalty for her, and the answer is that he was exposing the fact that her accusers were also adulterers (whether in heart or by their lustful eyes or by actual physical adultery is unclear) nevertheless the Lord Jesus was teaching the solemn truth that the lustful look and the lustful heart and the physical act of adultery all constitute adultery, differing only by degrees. He did not say that adulterers should not be executed, because, after all, He is the God of the Old and New Testament and He is the source of the Old Testament laws. He showed mercy to her, and to them, because the prerogative of mercy is with Him but He could equally have said she (and they, if physical adulterers) were worthy of death. You say the homosexual couples getting “married” won’t affect your marriage to your wife but I profoundly disagree. Firstly, two men and two women can never marry according to God’s law, and even nature itself should tell you that it is abnormal because there is no complementary “other” to complete the individual. There is nothing but “sameness.” Secondly, marriage is rendered meaningless if society says that men can “marry” men and women can “marry” women. Marriage then becomes anything you want it to be. Thirdly, homosexual activity is destructive to the human body. They are literally and slowly killing each other behind closed doors and no Christian can condone acts of violence, supposedly inflicted in the name of “love.” What they do (and what the adulterer does)behind closed doors will break out like a cancer and spread throughout society and we look across the world and see that this is precisely what has happened.

  5. I do like it when the god-botherers get upset. Good of them to post the promotional video though, reminds me of what a great day it was.

  6. Prehistoric rhetoric. Your god will judge YOU for your hatred of gay people. I hope YOU are prepared for his wrath! I also hope he blesses YOU with a gay child or grandchild

  7. You are a very sad person. I feel sorry for you and hope you can get some help with your life soon. Anyone who believes that gay people are unnatural or should not have the same rights as the rest of the population should seek help. The history books will document people like yourself and compare you to the witch hunters of the 17th Century whereby innocent woman were burnt alive and drowned to see if they had super natural powers.
    One day you will see how misguided you are. Hopefully this day will be soon for you and you can be free from all the hate you have in you which will lead to very ill health in the long run.

    Best wishes


    • Your grasp of reality is upside down, inside out and back to front Sir. The Bible speaks of people like you who see evil as good and good as evil. There is no reasoning with people like you. Homosexual activity IS destructive and harmful to the human body and there is ample medical evidence to prove that this is the case. There is nothing natural or normal about men sodomising men and there is nothing normal or natural about lesbian activity. Yet you say that anyone who says it is unnatural should seek help! The world is in the grip of a collective madness and our blog is a voice of sanity in the midst of the madness. Opposition to homosexuality is in no way comparable to witch hunters and you are being very cunning and crafty to make people think there is. We know your tactics Sir. You accuse us of “hate” when in reality your entire comment is a thinly veiled spiel of hatred for those who tell the truth about homosexuality.

  8. Please tell us LGBTQ people,who have been around since the beginning of humanity, exactly how we are dangerous? Also I would like to know what is deviant about my 20 year relationship with my amazing husband. We have two brilliant daughters and 3 grandchildren who are nurtured well and growing into clever and bright young people. You have no grounds or proof of your ridiculous ramblings so why are you bothering to write it? Don’t you have better things to do? It’s just nonsense that you should leave in history, surely.

    • Homosexuality has been in the world since Sodom and Gomorrah, and in those places God poured out His wrath on the deviant sexual practices of the homosexuals who lived there. The homosexuals who thronged the door of Lot’s house wanted to sodomise the two strangers who were in Lot’s house (those strangers were angels sent by God to destroy those cities.) Homosexuals burning in their lust for other men are extremely dangerous. Heterosexuals burning in their lust are also dangerous but in this reply we are discussing homosexuality. Homosexual activity damages the body because the human body was not created for sodomy. We have heard of cases of homosexuals who end up wearing nappies (diapers) because they engaged in sodomy. Surely you do not want your “insides to become your outsides” now do you Mr.Taylor? Men do not have husbands so the man you live with is not your husband. You two did not have two daughters together because it is biologically impossible for that to happen. We have strong grounds for our opposition to the LGBTQ….lobby and have provided it in many posts on our blog. Even if we were not Evangelical Christians we would oppose the LGBT agenda because it is abnormal and destructive to the individual and society.

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