Animal cruelty on an industrial scale

When I stood for election in West Tyrone in Northern Ireland (the most recent election in which I was candidate was in March this year,) my manifesto (see postscript below) included the following pledges,

To imprison those found guilty of animal cruelty for at least 5 years (including those involved in dog fights)
To ban Halal slaughter (the barbaric Islamic method of slaughtering cattle and sheep)
To install CCTV in all abattoirs.

I did not succeed in getting elected so could not implement any of my policies, sadly.

Despite my lack of electoral success, we continue to use our blog to draw attention to the appalling evils we see all around us today and animal cruelty is certainly one of those.

We have posted about the horrors of halal slaughter, and cruelty to cats and dogs also (China is notorious for cruelty to dogs) and we have posted about Northern Ireland’s home-grown animal killers, the despicable Kirkwoods.

We are providing links to videos showing animal cruelty in USA and Canada because periodically people need to be reminded that the horror is continuing and is widespread (probably global) and urgent action is needed to stop it and punish the savage monsters who engage in it.

The videos are harrowing to watch, exposing as they do, the horrific abuse of chickens, cattle and pigs.

Conklin Dairy Farm in Ohio USA is featured on one video and a farm worker, Billy Joe Gregg Junior, is secretly filmed inflicting appalling brutality on cattle. He is obviously a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain. He was sentenced to 8 months in prison. That was a slap on the wrist, nothing more.

If that monster doesn’t repent, he will burn in hell.

In Chilliwack, BC, five employees were fired for torturing chickens (video below.)
Why were those devils not imprisoned?

All these wicked people confirm the Bible doctrine of total depravity because they are totally depraved individuals.

It is also a fact that cruelty to animals can progress to cruelty to human beings. Many serial killers tortured and killed animals before they killed human beings.

In conclusion, whilst we commend the undercover work of animal rights activists (such as “Mercy for Animals,”) and their concern for the welfare of animals, we wonder why most animal rights activists are not in the least bit concerned about the slaughter of unborn babies in abortuaries!

PS    In the 2017 Assembly election in Northern Ireland, I used my 2016 manifesto which was almost identical to my 2015 manifesto. In my 2015 manifesto, I pledged to imprison those found guilty of animal cruelty. In my 2016 manifesto, I stipulated that their term of imprisonment should be at least 5 years.

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