Please Detective Inspector Coulter, stand your ground

Detective Inspector Calvin Coulter of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is an Evangelical Christian and a part-time preacher at Ballymena Congregational Church.

He has posted Biblical views about homosexuality on social media and, predictably, has fallen foul of the despicable sodomite lobby and their allies.

The media (in this case the tabloid Sunday Life) were actually tipped off about his comments by PSNI “sources” (with friends like those, who needs enemies?)

The PSNI intend to examine the statements made by DI Coulter.

The PSNI are obviously afraid of the LGBT lobby and are tripping over themselves to show their pro-“gay” credentials.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Hamilton held forth with,

“The PSNI is proud of its links with the Gay Police Association and senior officers have taken part in the annual Belfast Pride celebration.”

How despicable!  The Police assorting with depraved and filthy sodomites, and PROUD of their association!

Shame on them!

We commend the courage of DI Coulter and we urge him to stand his ground and refuse  to apologise for telling the truth.

We expect to hear his church speak out in support of him and to do so publicly.

Failure to do so would be disgraceful.

P. S.  We mistakenly referred to Mark Hamilton as “Acting Chief Constable” when he is in fact Assistant Chief Constable. Apologies for any confusion.

8 thoughts on “Please Detective Inspector Coulter, stand your ground

  1. Mark Hamilton

    is not acting chief Constable, if the Chief Constable was absent from his/her position for any lngth of time and the position was vacant, the officer one rank below the Chief Constable would be acting Chief Constable. One rank below Chief Constable is Deputy Chief Constable

    Mark Hamilton is 2 ranks below the chief Constable, He is an Assistant Chief Constable.

    Are you so blinded by bigotry that you can’t be bothered with facts? are you Only interested in FAKE news

      • When will you correct all the other inaccuracies in your blog. I note yet again you have deleted a comment because it does not fit with your ideals. You have much in common with ISIS in that you close down all communication which you disagree with and yet you claim persecution if anyone were to do that to you.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with Nate above.
    This blog is one of the worst offenders for not publishing comments. It’s rarely worth bothering trying to instill any sense of reason when the moderation is so blinkered.

    Thankfully, other Christian blogs are more interested in actual discussion and debate.

  3. Mr and Mrs While – out of curiosity, what would be your opinion if a Muslim Police officer was a part time preacher with extreme views? (By extreme views I mean preaching against people who are doing nothing illegal but against his beliefs).

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