Is the earth young or old?

We are young earth creationists, but we dislike the fact that young earth creationism is now an “industry” and has been commercialised. It has been lucrative for many. There is/was also a lot of in-fighting between the various creationist organisations as certain individuals vie for dominance, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by non-Christians.

Another fact that is not well known (and to some degree suppressed by the young earth movement) is that some theologians of the past, who were, and are, highly respected for their defence of the Bible, seemingly believed in an old earth and/or were theistic evolutionists.

This we find deeply troubling and even shocking. Men like B B Warfield and Charles Haddon Spurgeon. The former (Warfield) appears to have embraced some aspects of evolution (although not uncritically) and the latter (Spurgeon) appears to have believed in an old earth.

It is possible that both men changed their views on these matters over the course of their lives.

Here are links to articles about these two men,

Then watch these interesting debates.

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