The (supposedly) pro-life DUP vote for easier access to abortion clinics!!

The increasingly liberal Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) in Northern Ireland voted in favour of a pro-abortion motion dressed up as an “anti-harassment” measure.

The motion was proposed by Georgina Milne of the left-wing Green Party and was entitled “Safe Access to Healthcare,” code words for abortion.

The motion was seconded by Julie-Anne Corr Johnston of the left wing Progressive Unionist Party, a “front” for the Loyalist terror organisation the UVF.

She is a lesbian and declares she is “married” to another woman!

The pro-abortion lobby are attempting to stop peaceful protests outside abortion clinics, and silence all opposition by labelling pro-life activism as “intimidation” and “harassment.”

This is a wicked ploy, and Georgina Milne’s motion, that people “should not face fear and intimidation when accessing healthcare services,” is deliberately misleading and designed to be so, because when she uses the word “healthcare” she is using it as a euphemism for abortion.

The results of the vote on her motion (which took place two weeks ago) are as follows,

For – 50
Against – 0
Abstained – 3

The supposedly pro-life DUP voted for Milne’s wicked motion. Those who abstained were members of the SDLP (Social Democratic Labour Party) and they have been disciplined by their Party for failing to support the evil motion.

The DUP in Belfast City Hall should have voted AGAINST Milne’s motion, but they did not, they voted FOR it.

This comes as no surprise, because not long ago, two DUP MP’s, Sammy Wilson and Gavin Robinson, voted for “buffer zones” outside abortion clinics, the purpose of which is to keep pro-life protestors away so they cannot speak to those entering those hideous places to urge them to let their unborn babies live.

In light of the above, how can the DUP claim to be pro-life?

Watch the video of the Council vote at link below. Skip to 2 hours 13 minutes 59 seconds.

14 thoughts on “The (supposedly) pro-life DUP vote for easier access to abortion clinics!!

  1. This really is (as you put it) “wicked”. This sort of measure is also being mooted here on the UK mainland. I never for one minute thought that NI would fall first like this. I am shocked. What is happening over there?

  2. People in favor of Abortion should be allotted their own island to live together on. They will be spared the stress of fighting with everyone not in favor of their agenda, and they will not be allowed to adopt and raise more like themselves. They will pass away and not leave any descendents. Then the island can be depopulated with another anti-human group. It can be an island of refuge for so many people who are unhappy with marriage and reproduction .

    • What a beautiful thing for people like you and Lydia Sherman to consider, to put all “pro-choice” people on an island. Would that lead to the rest of the World in blissful “Pro-Life” happiness?? No it would NOT, For centuries People lived under fear of terror from religious orders (including MANY christian ones) if they did not live up to the rules of that order, and more recently they lived in fear more than terror. A Girl who was even made pregnant as a result of rape could find herself under threat of being ostracized unless she hid her “problem” so as not to bring “shame” on her family. Her rapist could go on his merry way of course.
      Regarding being “Pro-Life” so many of you are utter hypocrites. You’ll strive to protect the pregnancy but once the Baby is born you don’t care about it, its “someone else’s problem”.. You are all utterly fake hypocrites.

      • You cannot defend one evil (e.g. abortion), by stereotyping those of us who have a bee in our bonnets about that evil, as people who (you claim) are typically uncaring about a different evil (e.g. child abuse).

        We are not “utterly fake hypocrites”, because, on one occasion, we get more worked up by one evil than another, or (just as likely) because we discuss one evil at a time.

        We’re not obliged to mention everything that’s wrong in the world, every time we want to mention one particular thing that’s wrong in the world. It just doesn’t work like that. William Wilberforce wasn’t condoning child labour or prostitution or militarism or any other evil, because he spent such a lot of his Parliamentary career fighting the Atlantic slave trade.

  3. Obviously those who want abortion and same sex marriage would be a lot happier without the ones who don’t, so why not give them relief from their angst and provide a safe place for them, a city or island of refuge where they can do as they like without any restraint? That would be a kindness to them. They could be with their own kind where they would be accepted without any fear of being taught something from the Bible or any exposure to the word of God. They could have their own newspapers and books and their own utopia.

    I am messing with ya, don’tcha know! I am just exaggerating to show the ridiculous. You have to understand figures of speech and typology. Etc.

  4. Totally unproven statement about people not caring when a child is born outside of wedlock. People adopt and love these children and they also help unwed mothers. Please do your research.

    • Oh I have done my research and what I say has been proven many times. And why do you use the term “Wedlock”? That’s an outdated term which gives the impression that once you’re married, then that’s it, no way out if the Marriage becomes violent or deeply unhappy. Marriage is great, but if a Couple’s marriage falls apart years later and is not working no matter how hard they try, then divorce is a logical option which should be there if all other attempts have been exhausted.

  5. No, you have no proof, unless you have interviewed every unwed mother home in the world, or every crisis care center where pregnant ladies and their infants are given care,or every parent waiting to adopt the children, or every mother who received financial help from Christians. There are also churches that take monthly allotments to women at home in places like Ukraine and other countries with nothing set up but state orphanages, so they can stay home and care for their own babies instead of putting them in orphanages. Your so called research just is not there.

  6. How about holy matrimony. Is that outdated? What about the terms marry, given in marriage, married, or divorce? What about the words man and wife? Or bride and groom? Ifs it’s so outdated why do the alternate lifestyle people want it so bad…wedlock, that is.

  7. Lydia I know a lot of Christian Evangelicals who are Pro life and actively campaign against abortion. I do not know of a single one who has adopted a child. Mothers die during childbirth as a result of such people who deny them their right, but when the motherless children and disabled children require homes it is some elses problem.

    No doubt this post wont appear anyways 🙂

    • I detect muddled thinking here. Mothers don’t usually die in childbirth because some of the population who don’t want children to die during abortions aren’t adoptive parents.

      There’s more muddled thinking, but that’ll do, for starters.

  8. Its not muddling, are plenty anti abortion lobby groups and none of the members seem to have adopted any children themselves despite adoption being championed as an option. Abortion is unfortunately a last resort to save a mother if complications, something that many “Pro-life” campaigners are against, so why dont they help kids after they are born not just in the womb is my question??

    Perhaps you have adopted some John?

    • Your question is, you say, “why don’t they help kids after they are born not just in the womb[?]” I don’t believe that this is a fair question.

      Leroy, are you claiming that none of the members of abortion lobby groups “seem” to have adopted children, because you have actually seen some statistics, showing an inverse correlation between opposition to abortion, and adopting a child? If not, then on what is your claim based, please? You’ve made that claim twice now, but haven’t backed it up with hard facts.

      I don’t think many pro-life campaigners are opposed to urgent medical procedures that are undertaken in order to save a mother’s life, even if a side-effect is the death of her unborn child. Such interventions are extremely rare in the UK. (The abortion statistics more-or-less prove this claim of mine.) They were decriminalised under Common Law before the Abortion Act 1967. Even the Roman Catholic Church has taught, for a thousand years or more, that abortions to save the mother’s life are permitted, as far as I recall.

      I wrote a blog post myself, about the reasons for abortion, called, “Giving Evolution a Helping Hand”. Look it up, and click through to the government abortion statistics. It turns out that about 49 out of every 50 British abortions, are pretty much fraudulent, Bogus cases are made for a “mental health” abortions. See also “Shopping for medical opinions”.

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