Strange Mormon doctrine and the Alta View hostage incident

The Mormon Church is known for its peculiar doctrines and masonic-like temple rituals.

It is highly likely that the Alta View hostage incident in 1991 was motivated by Mormonism in general and one of its peculiar doctrines in particular.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints nicknamed the Mormon Church teaches their adherents (among other things) that they lived in heaven as pre-existent spirits procreated by their Heavenly Father and his wife!

They were then born into Mormon families on earth and, because there are so many of these pre-existent spirits (or intelligences) awaiting human bodies, Mormons are encouraged to have large families.

Richard Worthington was a Mormon with a wife and seven children. His wife was expecting their eighth child and, because she had been unwell during some of her pregnancies, she did not want any more children so she requested and underwent a tubal ligation after the birth of her eighth child. It seems her husband gave his begrudging consent but later had second thoughts and thereafter blamed the doctor, Glade Curtis who performed the surgery for the fact that his wife would not have any more children.

His murderous resentment and rage against the doctor was the precursor to the Alta View Hospital hostage incident and it began with him entering the hospital by crashing through a window in a patient’s room seeking Dr. Glade Curtis to kill him, and ended with the killing of a nurse and threats to blow up the hospital. He was heavily armed and had explosives.

He shot and killed a nurse Karla Roth after she attempted and succeeded in taking his shotgun from him. She may not have known he had a handgun also, which he used to shoot her in the back.

He then held two nurses hostage and a woman in labour, her relatives and several newborn babies.

The hostage drama ended with Worthington surrendering to Police. He was sentenced to 35 years in prison but did not live to serve out his sentence because he committed suicide on November 11th, 1993.

Watch a re-enactment of the horror at link below entitled “Murder in the Maternity ward”

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