Scary Mormonism

We highly recommend the testimonies below of husband and wife Dennis and Rauni Higley who are former Mormons. They have been Bible-believing Christians for many years.

Rauni was born in Finland and she was a convert to Mormonism. Dennis was born into the LDS (Mormon) Church.

Rauni describes her first experience of going to a Mormon temple and going through the Endowment ceremony with its blood-curdling oaths and penalties, with these words,

“That’s what scared the daylight out of me.”

Those penalties were removed from the Endowment ceremony in 1990.

Mormonism was, and is, a cult.


2 thoughts on “Scary Mormonism

    • I attended a Mormon church outside Blackpool for about three months in 1976 before I became a Christian. I seriously considered joining the LDS church because I admired the Osmonds so much. However during the time I was attending that Mormon church, I stayed with two different Mormon families so I saw Mormonism up close and realised the truth of the old saying “all that glitters isn’t gold.” I also felt afraid at times because some of the Mormons seemed strange which is not surprising because they have some very bizarre beliefs such as celestial exaltation i.e men can become gods with their own planets etc. How did you become involved with the LDS Church, Gail?

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